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5 Risky Hard-copy Records Management Mistakes

How to avoid and correct mistakes that could cost your company more than just money.

Records management mistakes are more common that you might think. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Throwing Documents Away

Be careful what you throw in your waste paper bins. Destroying documents incorrectly could land your company in hot water and lead to litigation and financial penalties. Prior to shredding, all documents should be checked against your document retention period lists and the shredding schedule. Documents should then be shredded in a secure environment, preferably off-site.

  1. Not Converting Paper Documents to Digital Documents

Today it is easier than ever to convert paper documents into electronic formats. Failing to convert your documents into one or more of the many digital media currently available leaves you vulnerable should disaster strike. If your paper documents are ever lost or destroyed, your digital backups will allow for immediate recovery.

  1. Storing Your Documents at your own premises

Keeping all your documents and records on-site will increase your office space costs and can even create a fire hazard. It also means your staff will have to spend considerable amounts of time and energy ensuring all your documents and records remain organised, accessible and protected from unauthorised use.

  1. Putting off moving your records to an off-site facility

Finding the time to move important company documents and records to an offsite facility may be tough but it is necessary. The moment you procrastinate making the move you increase the risk to your business should disaster strike.

  1. Using Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units may be cheaper than proper Document Storage Facilities but they are also likely to be less secure. Having state-of-the-art security, access control, fire protection, and pest control matters. Make sure you choose a partner that meets or betters the industry standard for off-site document storage.


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