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5 SME Records Management Articles You Have To Read

5 SME Records Management Articles You Have To Read

Records Management is as important for SMEs as it is for large corporates or any other business for that matter.

How to Handle Records Management in a Small Business

Businesses large and small need to take stock of their documents, records and intellectual property. In this article, we discuss a few ways that SME and Startups can go about handling Records and Information Management more easily.

Many small business owners and managers have at one time or another asked themselves, “How do I handle Records Management in addition to all my other tasks?”

The average small business owner or manager of an SME has to handle a bewildering number of tasks and wear multiple hats daily. It is an admirable ability to be able to multi-task so well. However, it also creates quite a strain at times.”

Read the full article by clicking this link, “How to Handle Records Management in a Small Business”.


Records Management Tips for Small Businesses

Managing Records can be challenging, managing records without a plan or RIM Programme can be an absolute nightmare. If you are a Startup or Small Business owner then it’s time for you to smooth the process by reading this article.

“As important, as RM is too large companies it is even more important for small companies. The reason being, larger companies, due to their size and the spread of their records and information, can generally whether a disaster better than their smaller counterparts can. Put in different terms, a large meteor will create a bigger crater proportionally on the moon than on the earth.

Read the full article by clicking this link, “Records Management Tips for Small Businesses”.


PoPI Act Information Management Best Practices for Startups

The PoPI Act is yet another piece of legislation every business large or small is going to have to confront and comply with sooner or later. The sooner you start the easier it will be. This article helps to demystify the PoPI Act and providing useful information for Startups on how to tackle compliance.

“The PoPI Act deals with the collecting, processing, storage, sharing and maintenance of personal records by South African organisations both public and private.

It aims to bring personal information back under the control of the individuals whose information it is and create accountability where organisations misuse such information”

Read the full article by clicking this link, “PoPI Act Information Management Best Practices for Startups”.


Document Storage Tips for Startups

Document Storage is a necessary part of running a business. Today, documents and records can accumulate rapidly. Handling and especially storing these documents is important and the sooner you implement good storage practices the easier it will be to manage your records.

“A damp storage area will quickly destroy your records and any other documents you store. If the damp doesn’t swell and break apart your records then its the mould that will destroy your documents. Mould spores can also create a health hazard. So if you store documents in an office basement make sure it is fully damp sealed.”

Read the full article by clicking this link, “Document Storage Tips for Startups”.


Benefits of File Tracking Systems for Startups

File Tracking Systems may be among the most underutilised records management tools. However, these tools unlock powerful benefits and can go a long way to streamlining your business administration and helping your Startup to become more efficient.

“You want to grow your Startup, what entrepreneur wouldn’t. Among the challenges, you will face is the increasing volume of records and documents such as contracts with clients and suppliers. In order to keep costs down and productivity up, you need to be efficient.

An excellent way to improve your efficiency is to utilise file tracking systems.”

Read the full article by clicking this link, “Benefits of File Tracking Systems for Startups”.


If you are a Startup or Small Business looking for the best Records Management advice and solutions tailors to your needs, then contact Iron Mountain today.


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