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5 Ways to Become a Better Records Manager

How to demonstrate greater competence to upper management


If you are a Records Manager and wish to improve your status and recognition within your organisation then here are a few ideas to help you.


Reduced Record Management Costs

Every organisation tries to keep costs down. Sometimes when cost cutting goes overboard it can be detrimental to the organisation rather than positive as intended. There are however ways to save your organisation money without harming it.

When it comes to the maintenance and storage or your organisations records there are many costs associated with them. These costs include:

  • The cost of stationary in the form of files, paper, boxes, labels, paper clips etc.
  • Filing cabinets and servers
  • Rental of storage for your filing cabinets and servers

These costs will vary from organisation to organisation. However, there are definite savings to be found by changing the way you store your records. A shift from in-house record storage to offsite document storage is a great way to save on storage space and allows your organisation to make use of the extra space for more productive or profitable uses. By removing the need for expensive filing cabinets and servers and the maintenance costs thereof you can also reduce your costs.


Improved Record Accessibility

Another way to improve your organisation and your own position within it is to make access to records easier. Through the use of scanning services and offsite data storage services you will not only backup and protect important records, but you will also make them accessible to authorised users.

These users will be able to access your organisations documents both in the office, and remotely. You will also enjoy cost reductions and security improvements as your records will no longer need to be printed and packed and then sent to a user’s location as they can simply login through a browser window and access the records they require.


Reduced Risk

As an organisation grows so too does its exposure to a variety of risks. These risks come in the form of litigation, legal compliance, and security.

A smart Records Manager can reduce the risk their organisation is exposed to by doing the following:

  • Ensure proper access control and security measures are in place to protect records from unauthorised users and disasters.
  • Document applicable industry regulations and government legislation
  • Maintain a thorough Records retention Schedule and ensure all records, both paper and electronic or securely destroyed according to the schedule


Improved Records and Information Management

Records and Information Management is a necessary and unavoidable part of running an organisation. When managed correctly it provides numerous benefits that can improve the profitability and reputation of an organisation. When managed incorrectly the challenges of managing an organisations records become insurmountable obstacles, which when left unhandled can lead to the collapse of an organisation.

A good Records Manager who is able to look at an organisations records management needs holistically and then research solutions and smarter ways of managing the organisations’ records will not only improve the organisations standing but their own standing within the organisation.


Greater Record and Information Management Awareness

In addition to the above these is another important way for you as a Records Manager to strengthen your organisation and your role within it. Without understanding the need for Records and Information Management and the knowhow to adhere to its implementation policies, managers a staff will be a hindrance.

By using ongoing internal marketing campaigns, you can create awareness of records management policies and their benefits. Regular training can also assist management and staff to follow the policies and guidelines that have been laid out.

Education within your organisation is thus the key to ensuring that your other records management improvements can be successfully implemented. Become a better Records Manager today and contact Iron Mountain for tailor made solutions for your organisation.


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