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6 Insightful Records & Information Management Articles for SMEs

Get greater insights into Records Management.

We publish new articles on our blog regularly each month to provide insights, guidance and help businesses of all sizes attain a better grasp on Records Management and related topics.

Of course, in today’s hyper-velocity information age where everyone seems to be time poor and overwhelmed by information, valuable articles get missed.

So we thought we’d round up a few important articles covering Records & Information Management that you might have missed. You can get the just of each article and then click to read in full.




What is a Records and Information Management Programme?

Records and Information Management is an essential part of a business but how does one use it effectively?

A Records and Information Management Programme is the answer to effective RIM but to understand why you need to know what a RIM Programme really is.

A Records and Information Management Programme is not software that magically manages all your records and company information. That said, there is a wide range of software programmes involved in both the creation and management of your records and information.

In reality, a Records and Information Management Programme has more to do with planning and execution.


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Better Information Management Through Backups & Archiving

For some, backups and archiving are the same. While this is not true, what is true is that together they can enhance your information management.

Backups and Archives on commonly thought to be the same thing. In fact, they are quite different and they have different, yet no less important functions.

The difference:

In simple terms, backups are used for the swift recovery of data.

Archives, on the other hand, are used for long-term storage of data, typically for retention purposes.

Let’s look at Backups first…


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Reorganise Your Records and Information Management and Save Money

We take a look at how smart records and information management can save you money.

Records and Information Management is an essential part of running a business. As economic pressures increase so too does the need to cut costs and streamline operations.

Reorganising your company’s records and information management systems and processes can unlock many potential benefits. These benefits can be broken down into three categories:


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Records Management Tips for Small Business

Managing records and documents effectively is just as important for SMEs.

If you are a small business owner, you might feel that you are too small for a Records Management Programme or that it is too time-consuming or expensive to set up The truth is even small businesses can benefit from good records management and it does not have to take every waking minute to setup nor cost the earth.

As important, as RM is to large companies it is even more important for small companies.


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The Record and Information Management Appraisal

The Information Management Programme

Getting your company’s Information Management Programme right requires no small amount of effort.

In order to start your programme you first need to know how many records* you have, and how much non-record information** is stored. Once known, you will be in a position to plan how to manage your records and information.

The first foundation stage of your Information Management Programme is the Information Management Appraisal.


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Understanding the Terminology of Records and Information Management

A glossary of commonly used words and acronyms.

Every industry has is related terms and abbreviations. Some industries have many terms while others have complicated terms. What they all have in common are confusions where the terms are not clearly understood.

Here are a few common terms you may come across in the field of Records and Information Management.


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