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7 Reasons Why Iron Mountain’s Offsite Backups Vault Facilities Rock

We believe our documents storage facilities are among the best in the word. Here are some of the reasons why…



  1. Iron Mountain’s offsite backups facilities are SABS approved
  2. Our backup vault facility was the first facility in South Africa to use a NAF S 125 gas fire suppression system, which is the same system, used in US military fighter jets. NAF S 125 has a very low toxicity, which means it can be used to protect areas that are occupied by people.
  3. Iron Mountain vault facilities also make use of FM200 suppression systems as a secondary layer of protection. FM200 is a very safe waterless fire protection system that is rapidly discharged into an area, usually within 10 seconds, and suppresses flames rapidly.
  4. Access to our Vaults is strictly limited to authorised personnel only and biometric access systems ensure that this is maintained.
  5. Iron Mountain’s offsite backups vaults are surrounded by high tech security including: video alarm monitoring systems, onsite and offsite security monitoring linked to armed response as well as Police and Fire Departments, perimeter security in the form of electric perimeter fencing and security camera’s, and we have 24 hour security guards.
  6. Our facilities include state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls to make sure your data is protected from harmful exposure to temperature fluctuations and damp.
  7. As if all the above were not enough, we also make use of steel canisters with thick insulating liners to protect storage media even more.


If you would like your valuable offsite backups to be protected by our vault facilities contact Iron Mountain today.


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