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7 Signs You Need Help With Records Management

Are you stuck in a Records Management Nightmare?



1.      Your Filing Cabinets are Overflowing

If you have multiple filing cabinets that are disorganised and overflowing with dog-eared documents and damaged out of order files then you need help with records management.

2.      You have Boxes Piled up with Shredding

Many businesses accumulate boxes and boxes of shredding and then become overwhelmed by it. If you feel unable to confront those boxes then it is time to get some professional assistance with your records and information management.

3.      Important Documents and Records are Difficult to Find

Are you unable to find important records such as contracts, invoices, registration papers and other valuable documents? If so, you are heading into dangerous waters without a paddle. Getting professional information management advice and assistance can help guide you back to safety.

4.      Staff Spend Hours each Week Looking for Documents

If you or your staff complain each week about not being able to find documents and templates needed for the daily operating of your business then you are losing money. Improving the state of your records management can improve operational efficiency and not only save you time but help you make more money.

5.      Your digital records are spread across multiple computers and folders

Like many businesses, you have probably created thousands of computer files and folders over the years. The question is how important are these files and folders and should they not be catalogued and consolidated into an archive for easier access and management? A records and information management specialist can help you put order back in.

6.      You are not sure if any of your digital documents get backed up.

If disaster struck your business today, would you be able to replace damaged and destroyed documents and records? Or would your business be unable to continue operating and close? If you are not sure then it is time to contact the experts.

7.      Your office space is starting to resemble a warehouse

Do you have more filing cabinets than desks? If so, isn’t it time to stop wasting valuable office space, and implement a records management program?


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