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7 Ways to Use Paper More Efficiently

Do your bit for the environment by reducing your paper consumption.


Have you ever looked at how you use paper in your office? Most people can use paper more efficiently with a little bit of forethought. Here are some of Iron Mountain’s favourite ways to use paper more efficiently:


  1. If your document has many pages, make sure you set your printer to use the duplex feature. Not only will you save 50% on your paper costs but you will also reduce the amount of space you need for document storage.
  2. Another clever way to reduce your paper costs is to reduce the size of your pages. Most printers have settings that allow you to reduce the size of images and pages. In booklet format, you can print to pages on one sheet of paper. If you have four pages to print using this method you would only need one sheet of paper.
  3. Sometime when you need to reproduce a document you will find you only really need copies of some of the pages. Use the printers ‘page selection’ setting to select only the pages you need.
  4. Yet another way to save paper costs is to reduce the margins and font sizes on your documents.
  5. Make a habit of checking your documents before you print them. An enormous amount of paper is wasted every year because documents need to be reprinted due to errors.
  6. You should also make sure you do not print more copies than you need. It is better to print as needed rather than doing a bulk print run. Remember your bulk prints will also need to be stored somewhere until they are used or distributed.
  7. A seldom thought of method to reduce paper usage is to make sure your printers are well maintained and always has the correct toner level. Low toner levels produce poor quality prints and often one will try reprinting before realising that the printer needs more toner. A well-maintained printer is also less likely to have paper jams.


Bonus Tip:

If you do have waste paper, why not reuse it for taking notes or if it still has a blank side, you can reuse it for unimportant photocopies.

Once your paper has been fully utilised then make sure you recycle it. If it has sensitive information on it, then get it shredded by a professional shredding company.


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