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Records Management Articles – Our Most Popular RIM Insights

Records Management can be a complex subject, so we tried to make it a little simpler to understand with these records management articles.

Records Management is a large involving subject. It is also one that changes constantly as technology and the needs of businesses evolve. Our records management solutions simplify your day to day work flow. We’ve put together a few popular articles so that you can get the insights you need quickly and easily.


1. So What is Records Management?

If you are new to Records Management or you are looking to get a better understanding of what Records Management entails then our article, ‘What is Records and Information Management?’ is a good place to start.

This article discusses the need for proper records management programmes as well as some of the components your programme will need to consider.

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2. Why should you implement a Records Management Programme?

You may have asked yourself why your company needs a Records Management Programme. You may have wondered what the benefits might be. So why not take a few minutes to discover just some of the benefits in our article entitled, ‘Benefits of Records Management’.

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3.     Are you making Records Management Mistakes?

As in any field or subject, one can make mistakes. Records Management is no different. Taking the time to learn about mistakes that could cost your company more than just money is a smart thing to do.

Our article, ‘5 Costly Records Management Programme Mistakes’ will shed some light on some of the most common mistakes you might run into.

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4.     When do you need help with Records Management?

Whether you are a small business with only a few staff or a large corporate company with thousands of staff, you will create and collect records and documents on a daily basis.

Thus, you will have to take steps to organise and control these documents. This adds even more to your plate, which no doubt is already overflowing with work that needs to be done. You might think that you have your documents under control but have you even taken the time to observe the signs that maybe you are not coping as well as you should be?

Our article, ‘7 Signs You Need Help with Records Management’ is a quick guide to assessing your situation.

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5.     How do you select the right Records Management Solutions Provider?

As with most things, you will have more than a few options to choose from. Choosing your Records and Information Management partner is no different. So what should you be looking for in a partner?

To learn about 3 key things to consider when choosing a partner read, ‘Have You Selected the Right Records Management Solutions Provider?’

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6.     What might a good Records Management Policy look like?

You can’t implement a Records Management Programme without first having  RM Policies. To help you improve your Records Management we put together, ‘An Overview of a Successful Records Management Policy’. This article outlines four things you should consider that can provide huge benefits to your organisation.

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7.     Why create a Records Management Programme?

Nothing worthwhile gets accomplished without first having a plan, no matter how basic. Managing your company’s documents and records effectively requires a RIM Programme.

Isn’t it time to take a look at, ‘Records and Information Management Programme Benefits’ and find out why you need one?

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8.     Records Management and the Law

If you run a business you will know that there are often an overwhelming number of laws and regulations that you have to comply with. With the introduction of yet another law, the Protection of Personal Information or (PoPI) Act you will once again have to assess how your business operates.

Our article, ‘How the PoPI Act will affect your records Management Programme’ tries to give a brief overview of what you can expect.

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9.     What Solutions are available?

Now that you know more about Records Management it’s time to take a look at the solutions that are available to you. Why not take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with, ‘Iron Mountain’s Records & Information Management Services’.

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We hope that you find the above articles both interesting and useful. If these articles do not provide you with enough information then why not browse our other blog articles or suggest future article topics below.

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