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An Introduction to Creating a Records Management Manual

It is much easier to implement policy when you have clear guidelines on how to do so.

An Introduction to Records and Information Management


When policy of any sort is not implemented, the most common cause is that those needing to implement it simply did not understand the need for it or how to use the tools provided. A Records Management Manual is the key to improving implementation.

Before your staff can use a newly created Records Management Manual they need know why there needs to be a manual in the first place. They also need  to understand what information management is and how it is used.

To help them to understand you should create a manual that contains the following pages:

  1. The Purpose of a Records & Information Management Manual
  2. The Purpose of Records and Information Management
  3. The Laws That Govern Records & Information Management
  4. Staff Responsibilities


Ensure the first section of your RIM Manual explains why you have a manual and how it must be used to implement your information management policy.

Next, make sure you clearly define the purpose of your RIM Programme. Be sure to explain it in simple terms and avoid jargon as it tends to complicate matters and may lead to your staff not understanding.

Next, make a list of all laws and regulations that govern records and information management in your industry. There will be a number of laws that apply universally, but there may also be industry specific laws. You may need to consult with a Records Management Expert and / or your attorney.

Finally make sure you list staff responsibilities. These you can list by post. Again, make sure you use plain language to make sure readers of your manual have no problems understanding what is required of them.


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