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Answers to Your Top 5 Document Scanning Questions

If you’ve ever asked any of these document scanning questions and not gotten an answer, then read on.

As document scanning and imaging becomes more common, companies and their Records Managers have asked many questions. We’ve put together a few of these questions and tried to answer them as best we can.


Why is it so important to digitise our company’s records?

There are a few reasons to make use of document scanning and imaging solutions. Of these, the first that springs to mind is greater efficiency. As company information and data expands rapidly in this digital age, it becomes a challenge to manage and use all the data. Information in paper form is valuable and for many records required but it also tends to be less efficient, particularly when multiple people need to make use of the same document at the same time or from a remote location.

Digitising your documents and records through a document scanning programme allows you to unlock better access to your information while improving security and accountability. The latter benefits are due to the improved access control systems and audit trails that can be unlocked when paper documents are converted into digital ones.

Another benefit is disaster protection. Having copies of your records and documents means that should a disaster occur you will have backups in place to ensure you can carry on with your business.


Can we do our own scanning and let Iron Mountain host the images for us?

Yes, you can. Iron Mountain even offers scanner hire so there is no need for you to purchase scanners. We offer a wide range of scanning devices for different scanning needs and can even supply specialist scanner operators if you want to scan at your premises but need a handle. Otherwise, you can choose to do it all yourself and we can host the images for you. Of course, we do also offer a fully outsourced scanning solution to make your life easier.


How important is it to plan the document scanning process?

It is very important. To get the most out of digitising your documents you need to be aware of which documents are the most important and how documents need to be handled. If there has been little or no thought about how your images are going to be indexed and tagged then chances are you will not be able to find your documents and the digitisation process will have been a waste.

A Iron Mountain Document Imaging Specialist can help you work out the best way to handle the process.


Will scanning our documents and records help mitigate the risks of a disaster?

Yes, it will. As mentioned in the answer to the first question, document scanning is an excellent way to create a backup and protect important documents and records. Should something happen to your paper documents you will be able to use your digital ones and even print from them if needs be.


Does Iron Mountain offer customisable document scanning solutions?

Yes, we do. Iron Mountain offers highly customisable document scanning and imaging solutions that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Whether you are a small business, needing specialised architectural plans scanned or a large corporation needing an enterprise solution to handle hundreds of thousands of records, Iron Mountain can assist you.

For more information or to ask more document scanning questions, you can click on the link below or otherwise contact Iron Mountain today to speak to a consultant.

Document Imaging & Scanning Solutions


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