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Becoming a Records Management Detective

Records Management Programme Creation Challenges Part 1.

In today’s business world, information and records are the lifeblood of your organisation. If something were to happen to your information or records would your organisation survive?

Now you probably answered the above question with a resounding No! Which is why you have no doubt decided to create a Records Management Programme.

Before you start, though, you are going to have to overcome a few Records Management Programme creation challenges.

The first of these is who to task with carrying out, what is, in fact, no small project. The person or persons who find themselves with the RM Programme hat will in many ways be putting on a detective hat as you will soon see.


Who is Responsible for your Organisation’s Records Management Programme?

Now it may seem obvious to simply get your organisation’s Records Manager to do the job, and it does make sense. But the reality is, due to the scope of an RM Programme, you are going to need input from your entire organisation whether it is large or small.


Records Management Programme Creation Challenges Concerning WHO

Your First Challenge

For larger organisations, you may have a dedicated Records Manager who may be able to handle much of the project on their own. However, even if they can cope alone they will still require cooperation from everyone throughout your organisation.

If your organisation is small enough not to have a dedicated Records Manager, then the person designated to handle the project must be able to cope alone and handle their normal workload.

The first step for any organisation, however, is not simply designating who holds overall responsibility for the project but rather working out if and how this person will cope with the size of the project.

This is because records and information management is not a small task. Information circulates throughout your entire organisation and every person in your organisation has interactions with this info.

In order to create a sound Records Management Programme a large amount of research, interaction and ultimately planning, will be needed. Not to mention an understanding of technologies that are used for the creation and management of your information and records.

The first challenge then is determining whether your Records Manager or designated person will, in fact, be able to handle the entire project on their own. Or whether the project will require a small or even a large team to manage.


The First Challenge Solution

The solution here is all about evaluation and analysis. Breakdown each aspect of the project into smaller parts and evaluate the time and effort required to complete each. Once you have done this you will have a better idea about your personnel needs.
Your Second Challenge

Even in a small business, managing records is a sizable and vital task. Learning about how your organisation uses its information and records is a lengthy process especially in larger organisations.

You will need to take the time to evaluate how staff use information. You will also need to discuss information and records usage with them. Then there is the fact that you will likely be changing how they create and manage information to some degree and this will inevitably lead to degrees of resistance and even resentment.

Thus, on top of technical and legislative issues surrounding information and records, whoever is tasked with managing the creation of your Records Management Programme will also have to deal with a fair amount of human emotion just like a detective would have to when investigating a case.


The Second Challenge Solution

Luckily, in most cases, emotions and resistance can be easily handled by clear communication. The first step is to genuinely listen and find out how records and information are used throughout your organisation. Next, you need to clearly communicate the reasons for and the benefits of your programme.


The above are by no means the only challenges you will have to face when it comes to determining who and how many staff are needed to manage your programme creation. They are, however, among the most important.

If you have decided to implement a Records Management Programme, then chances are you are already tackling your first challenge of balancing the need for an RM Programme with the cost of its creation and implementation. In this regard, it is work getting in touch with us as we offer a wide range of cost-effective Records Management Solutions for companies large and small.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.


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