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Blu-ray Disc Data Storage Technology

The History of Data Storage Technology – Part 8

Data Storage Technology (2000)


The Blu-ray disc was designed as the successor to DVD, and with capacities, ranging from 25GB to 128GB it raised laser disc standards to fantastic new levels. The name Blu-ray comes from the blue laser used to read these discs. Due to the shorter wavelength of the blue laser, as compared with the red laser of the DVD, data could now be stored at higher densities.

In October 2000, Sony showed off the first Blu-ray Disc prototypes and three years later, they released the first Blu-ray player with a whopping $ 3 800 price tag. Initially there was some competition with Toshiba punting the HD DVD format as an alternative high capacity replacement for DVD. However, by 2008, Toshiba called an end to the game and soon afterwards they released their own Blu-ray Disc player.

While Blu-ray Discs resemble CDs and DVDs in size (120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick) and looks, their capacity is what sets them apart:

  • Single-layer Blu-ray – 25 GB
  • Dual-layer Blu-ray – 50GB
  • BDXL Blu-ray – 100/128 GB

Finally, here was a data storage technology that could store high-definition video. No surprise then, that Blu-ray would become the new favourite of the Film Industry and by 2008; there were around 3500 film titles available.

For many years individuals and businesses have used CDs and DVDs to store data, and for a time these have been reasonably good mediums to use, especially for personal data storage and for small companies needing to distribute or store small amounts of data. Nonetheless, as the quantity of data creation has increased these formats have lost their lustre, and while they still have some use they are simply no match for Blu-ray disc data storage.

That said even Blu-ray discs have their limits, so when it comes to data storage technology for use by professional data storage companies they too have to move over for the ever-popular hard drive and magnetic tape.

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