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Cost Effective Offsite Media Storage for Your Business

Effectively Managing Your Company’s Collection of Data and Offsite Media Storage is an Essential Part of its Admin

Correct offsite media storage can help you manage your company’s tasks more effectively and efficiently. It ensures that you can always find what you need, on time and without anything slipping through the cracks, and most importantly, it is crucial for monitoring and maintaining your business’s security.

But not every company can afford to equip themselves with the hardware and specialized man-hours needed to effectively manage media storage in-house. Unfortunately, media storage is an area that can spell disaster if it is not correctly managed. Luckily there is no need for an enterprise to take a hands-on approach in this regard, not when there are third-party services that can do offsite media storage better, and at a lower price than doing it yourself. But what kind of benefits can you get from choosing offsite media storage solutions?

Offsite Media Storage
Storing media files can get costly and doing it yourself puts you in a position of responsibility with regard to its protection. A massive collection of media requires hard-drives, tapes and servers which can get expensive fast, and even these backups could fail, leaving you in a spot of bother. It is often better to outsource storage of large files to an off-site provider who already had the infrastructure and technical know-how to keep your information safe.

Online Cloud Storage
Many businesses are finding benefits in keeping their files stored on a cloud. Cloud storage offers excellent privacy, capacity and security without you needing to invest in expensive hardware. Data can also be accessed on the go from notebooks, tablets or smart-phones when they are on a cloud, meaning you can do business from anywhere.

Error-free Document Imaging & Scanning
Document imaging and scanning allows you to back up your hard-copy content onto a digital medium. Many third-party storage solutions offer this service to ensure that your information is always easy to find and access, and can be backed up and managed conveniently and at your discretion. Media storage companies are equipped to give you these services even with bulk documents that would otherwise take you days, weeks or months to do yourself, freeing up the time you need to run your business properly.

Security and discretion
Much of the information your company deals with is probably sensitive, and not for prying eyes. A good storage provider should have plenty of steps in place to protect your privacy in a way that makes it obvious to you when your data has been tampered with. This type of security can be nearly impossible for you to manage yourself, even though it is essential for your company.

So take advantage of a superior storage solution today and contact Iron Mountain today. Take a look at our website for more information, drop us an email or give us a call for advice and further details.


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