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12 Data Recovery Tips

A little forethought could save your business.

Data recovery is often not thought about until it is too late. No matter the size of your business, loss of data can cripple you and worse, put you out of business. Here are 12 data recovery tips to help you get started on the road to safe document  and records management.

Here are 12 tips to help you avert disaster.


  1. Decide which of your documents are the most important and back these up first.
  2. Make lists that include the location and description of all your data, both physical and electronic.
  3. Create a data backup schedule and make backups of your data often.
  4. Designate someone to be responsible for backups and for keeping a record of them.
  5. Keep at least one backup offsite.
  6. Create electronic copies of your most valuable paper documents and make sure to keep backups of these.
  7. If you think there is something wrong with your computer then turn it off rather than repeatedly trying to reboot.
  8. If you have to send your hard drive to a data recovery specialist, ensure it is securely packaged to avoid the possibility of further damage.
  9. Do not dismantle your hard drive yourself in order to fix it. You may cause further damage.
  10. Do not subject your hard drive to extremes of temperature, hot or cold.
  11. If your hard drive has been exposed to water, fire or smoke do not attempt to power it up, take it to a data recovery specialist.
  12. Use a trusted data backup and recovery service for ultimate peace of mind.

Data Recovery and Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is able to backup data from a wide variety of sources. We offer affordable data storage solutions to suit both home users and large corporations.

Iron Mountain’s experience and expertise combine to form a secure, scalable, and convenient backup and restoration service to meet any need.

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