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Data Tape Storage is Vital for Backups & Long-Term Archiving

Data tape storage still going strong.

Magnetic data tape storage has been around for decades and many companies still use them as their primary method of data backup. Some have argued that data tape storage has had its day and that they should be replaced by modern hard drive storage.

Therefore, it may come as a surprise that data tape storage is not only still with us but it looks likely to stick around for many years to come.

A primary argument of people who feel data tapes are obsolete is that they do not have enough capacity. According to the Information Storage Industry Consortium, tape technology tape cartridge capacity is expected to reach 128 TB by 2022.

Another study by Clipper Group Inc. found data tape storage to be less costly than hard drives in terms of energy costs, maintenance, floor space, and media. In fact, data tapes typically have twice the lifespan of hard drives, which further enhances their cost-effectiveness.

Then there is the issue of durability. Dropping a hard drive can mean the end of your data or require expensive data recovery. Data tapes are simply more robust and not subject to data loss through a few bumps.

Lastly, there is the issue of viruses and malware. It is not uncommon to find these infections spread throughout a hard drive, which means some or all of your data could be subject to corruption. An offline data tape copy will save your data and your bacon.

No matter whose corner you were in at the beginning of this article you have to admit that there is a case for the continued use of data storage tapes. There may come a time when they are finally obsolete but it is unlikely to be for many years. In all likelihood, a very new data storage technology will come along and replace both tape and hard drive in one fell swoop.

Data Tape Storage with Iron Mountain

Whether you prefer tape or hard drive, Iron Mountain has you covered. Our high-spec off-site vault facilities use industry leading security measures to ensure data safety. All media is sealed in steel canisters at your premises, keeping it safe from inadvertent disclosure and protecting the integrity of your data. The transportation of media is carried out by dedicated Vault facility drivers using branded vehicles fitted with tracking devices.

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