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Digital Imaging – What Advantages it Offers Your Business

Digital Imaging – What Advantages it Offers Your Business

Advantages of digital imaging.

There are many advantages you can enjoy by converting all your hard copy documents into digital images. Below is a list of immediate advantages that you will enjoy by converting your documents using digital imaging as well as longer-term advantages.


The immediate advantages are:

  • You will increase productivity.
  • You can quickly and easily retrieve data from any PC
  • You can send documents via email.
  • You can send documents to multiple locations with minimal effort.
  • You are able to collaborate documents across office networks.
  • There will be fewer misfiled or lost documents.
  • Archiving and backing up becomes more efficient.
  • Greater portability for when you are travelling
  • Improves your disaster recovery.
  • There will be a reduction in storage costs and also duplication costs.


Disaster Recovery:

The majority of companies today don’t actually have adequate plans to recover their critical information if it gets lost. Over 90% of a company’s important documents may be on paper. If these documents are on paper, they are susceptible to all kinds of loss or physical damage that may be caused by fire or water.

Around 60% of companies that are unable to recover critical data which is lost, usually end up going out of business within 90 days of the loss of data.

Converting your documents via digital imaging into portable electronic files, e.g., a PDF file, will provide for cheap, easy and safe storage of all your company documents. Should the need arise to recover lost data, you can easily retrieve and duplicate these important documents at a small price.

The process of recovering the lost documents is also quick which means there will be little or no downtime that could cost you a lot of money.


Reducing Document Storage Space and Costs:

Your document storage costs can be quite high if you are storing documents that do not actually need to be stored in hard copy. You could free up valuable office space by moving your documents to an offsite document storage company but you should still only store documents that absolutely need to be stored. Offsite document storage can be quite cost effective especially when combined with digital imaging. This hybrid solution offers the best of both services.

If you keep your important corporate and even personal information on a digital storage device such a DVD or CD ROM or on a hard drive will make it extremely easy to search for the documents, you require. It will also significantly reduce storage costs and even space needed to store the documents.

One DVD can hold thousands of documents and images which can take the place of about 6 filing cabinets. An added benefit will be enjoyed in the form of lower administration costs or you won’t need someone to file the documents for you.

Iron Mountain will convert all of your current important documents into digital images so that you can start enjoying all of these amazing benefits.


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