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Spotlight on Digital Security – Locking Down Your Company Data

How companies can deal with today’s cyber threats.

Digital security is today a regular topic for executives, company boards, ITC professionals and corporate Records Managers.

Cybercrime has led to resignations, stock price dips, loss of brand reputation, lawsuits, fines and lost business Then there is the cost of rectifying security loopholes and rebuilding reputations and trust.

Digital Security First Step

So what can you do? The first thing you must do is recognise the existence of cyber threats. You cannot take measures to protect your organisation from a threat without acknowledging that the threat exists and learning about that threat.

The more you know about cybercriminals the more comprehensive your digital security can become. Enhanced digital security means company data becomes harder to access by cybercriminals.

It is important to note that digital security and the protection of company data is not some once off activity. The reality is that as security enhancements are made, cybercriminals work out new ways to access data. It’s an infinite neck and neck race to outsmart each other, the digital security specialist versus the cyberhacker.

How do you protect your organisation in an ever-evolving world where hackers with ‘smart’ artificial intelligence software try to outsmart firewalls and digital security measures?

Securing Your Data

Once you recognise that cyber threats can affect your organisation you need to evaluate your data. What importance does your data have?

As you evaluate your data you will discover some data is more important and more sensitive than other data. This is the data you secure first and it’s the data that must have the highest security possible. From here you can move down the list of importance until you have secured all your data.

There are so many techniques hackers can use to steal data, these range from phishing attacks, social engineering, ransomware and more. Defending against these attacks requires many different security measures.

Training employees to recognise an attack is essential, anti-virus and firewalls are essential, data backups and archives are essential and so too are network security measures and even non-digital measures that guard against threats posed by disgruntled employees and office intruders who make use of download devices such as phones and USB drives.

Threats to Your Company Data and Solutions to Mitigate Risk

Below is a list of useful articles as well as a number of solutions that can help you deal with today’s cyber-threats.

Cyberthreat Articles:

Data Security Solutions:

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