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Digital Transformation Requires Greater Information Security

As more companies digitize themselves in order to seek new growth opportunities, they need to be mindful of the need for information security.

Information Security goes hand in hand with digital transformations. In fact it is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to taking your organisation into the past paced digital age.

This rise in the need for stricter information security means that company leaders and personnel in the IT and Records and Information management fields need to fundamentally change the way they handle information security.


Understanding the Need for Information Security

There are three core drivers of tighter security needs, these are:

  • Cybercrime is steadily increasing with no signs of slowing down.
  • The fast pace of digital change and the need to get products to market quickly has changed the way projects are managed and thus the traditional means of managing security.
  • Greater sharing of information with business partners and third-parties means information is more widely dispersed.


Cybercrime as a Driver of Information Security

When large corporate companies are the victims of cybercrime it makes the headlines, yet they are not the only victims. In fact companies of all shapes and sizes are targeted daily. Often smaller companies who have little to no information security or cyber crime prevention knowledge are targeted in order to be used in attacks on larger companies.

Gone are the days of reactionary security. Today, organisations must be proactive about information security and take far tougher preventative measures along with awareness training of personnel.

Speed-To-Market as a Driver of Information Security

For many organisations digital transformation has brought great financial benefits. A good idea, turned swiftly into a digitised product and launched quickly can be immensely profitable.

However, the increasing number of potential competitors with similar products means that getting to market first is even more important. This has given rise to changes in the ways projects have been managed. Agile and DevOps approaches are now making it more challenging to manage information security on digital projects.

Thus, IT Managers, Records Managers and indeed company executives will need to seriously look at how the security of their organisation’s information is managed.

Information Sharing as a Driver of Information Security

The digital age is one of greater collaboration and thus information sharing. This creates obvious concerns when it comes to your intellectual property.

How do you manage access to and accountability for sharing sensitive information. Especially, when your information can be widely disperses at the touch of a button.

Awareness of these challenges is your first step. The second step is to change the way your organisation deals with information security.


In our upcoming article, ‘Managing Information Security Through Organisational Mindset Shifts’, we will discuss a few changes in thinking that may be required to manage information security as it evolves into the future.



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