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Bulk Document Imaging & Scanning

Bulk Document Imaging and Scanning from Iron Mountain

Save money with our cost-effective bulk scanning solutions

If your organisation has large volumes of documents and records, then Iron Mountain’s bulk document imaging and scanning solutions have got you covered.

Iron Mountain’s makes use of a variety of scanning devices and can handle not only high scanning volumes but also a wide range of paper sizes.

Converting paper documents to digital format just makes sense. Bulk document imaging and scanning will provide your organisation with a number of benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Faster Access,
  • Higher information security
  • Improved disaster recovery ability
  • Lower costs

Bulk document imaging and scanning benefits

Faster Access

Once your organisation has converted its paper documents archive into a digital one, it will have unlocked greater accessibility and better organisation. Your new digital documents and records can now be accessed by multiple users from multiple geographic locations using only a web browser – no special software needed. No more lost documents or hunting through filing cabinets. Multiple indexing fields allow documents and records to be easily classified and using a powerful search tool documents can easily be located.

Higher information security

Greater accessibility comes with greater security. Comprehensive administration tools allow users to be added and removed, passwords to be reset and access to documents and records restricted to only those who are authorized to view them. Encrypted communication lines add yet another layer of security.

Improved disaster recovery ability

Additionally, your new digital archive can easily be duplicated and stored at multiple sites. This allows for improved disaster recovery and is an essential part of any business continuity strategy. Direct integrations with your own servers via VPN or dedicated linking is also possible, making data transfer, backups and archiving even easier.

Lower costs

With a reduced reliance on paper, you can reduce costs. Paper, printing, stationary costs, as well as in-house storage costs, can be reduced. Where possible old paper documents can be securely shredded while important records that still need to be retained can be sent to our offsite storage facility. Another saving which often gets overlooked is time. Digital documents can be accessed much faster than paper ones, thus employee time is freed up for more important tasks and is able to be more productive.

Iron Mountain South Africa services the following provinces, cities and surrounding areas:


GAUTENG (Head Office)

  • Midrand, Johannesburg


  • Durban


  • Cape Town
  • George


  • East London
  • Port Elizabeth


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