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Digital Records Centre

Digital Records Centre from Iron Mountain

Search for, retrieve and share the information you need from any location on any device

Secure Storage, Instant Access

The Digital Records Center is an electronic repository where you can securely store, find and share the digital files that Iron Mountain has created from paper or other media formats or original digital documents. Authorized users can search for, retrieve and share the information they need 24/7, from any location and on any device.


Digitize your workplace office with The Digital Records Center and you can:

  • Quickly, and easily store, locate search for and share documents.
  • Control access so only authorized users can see and access your information.
  • Save time and cut costs by eliminating manual paper processes.

Solution Benefits

Strict Access Control

Not only are our facilities access controlled but access to your information is done via secure communication links. This allows your records to be viewed from multiple sites and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

No Special Software Needed

Tired of installing new software applications and having to learn their ins and outs? Well, Iron Mountain’s Image Hosting solution requires no special software. Files can be conveniently accessed 24/7 using your favourite web browser.

User-friendly Search Capabilities

Multiple indexing fields mean better organisation. Your files can be easily categorized and tagged to make searching easy. A powerful search facility is also built in. 

Multiple Users

One of the problems with paper documents was always access by multiple users in different locations. Digital conversion and storage using our Image Hosting solution now mean multiple users in any number of locations can access files as needed and where authorized to.

Improved Disaster Recovery

With your document archive now stored as a digital document, you can rest easy knowing your organisations’ information is safe. Your information can also be easily duplicated and stored in multiple locations to further improve your disaster recovery ability.

Integration Options

A wide range of data transfer, backup and archival options are available. These include direct integration with your servers via VPN or dedicated links.

Iron Mountain South Africa services the following provinces, cities and surrounding areas:


GAUTENG (Head Office)

  • Midrand, Johannesburg


  • Durban


  • Cape Town
  • George


  • East London
  • Port Elizabeth


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