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Document availability and how you can improve it

Problem: You need to improve document availability. Your documents are not readily available to staff that need them or for staff operating remotely or on the road.

Having all your documents sitting in a filing cabinet is not the answer to document availability. When you have many staff trying to access the same documents at the same time and then hanging around your poor worn out photocopier for their turn you are going to have a frustrating situation and a lot of inactivity, which is costly.

Besides the issue above there is also another costly issue, staff procrastination!

How often have you heard the excuse, “It’s not my fault, I couldn’t find the document I needed” or “The file is lost so I could not do the work” or “Jane had the file so there was nothing I could do”?

When your documents are not easily accessible to your staff then excuses for not producing will be abundant and sometime even valid.

What about staff that travel regularly or work away from the office for extended period. Document availability could be a serious issue for them. Some of the problems you are likely to run into with taking paper documents on the road include:

  • Paper files quickly increase in weight and take up space.
  • Paper documents can pose a fire hazard.
  • Carrying sensitive documentation in paper format can be a security risk.
  • Collaborating on paper documents with those back at the office is inefficient.
  • Accessing documents that are needed but you did not bring along is difficult.

Whether your documents need to be easily available to many staff members in your office or to remote or travelling staff members document scanning services just make sense.

By choosing to use Iron Mountain’s document scanning services your document availability is sure to improve, especially with these exceptional features and more:


  • User-friendly document searching through multiple indexing fields.
  • No special software is required to access your documents and you can access them 24/7 via a Web browser.
  • Multiple users in multiple geographic locations can access documents simultaneously.
  • Electronic records are easily duplicated and stored.



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