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Document safety, are you properly covered?

Problem: Your company is worried about document safety should disaster strike.

Documents are a vital part of your business, be they internal documents such as price lists or proposal templates, legal documents such as client or contractor contracts or financial documents such as tax forms. But what if something happened to all these documents? Have you thought about how your company handles document safety?

For many companies document safety in a disaster is paid little or no attention until a disaster actually happens. By then of course it is just too late and the damage is done. While there are many types of disaster, flooding, fire, theft and even sabotage they all have one thing in common, they can disrupt and damage your business.

The fact that disasters do not occur often may lead many business owners to disregard document safety and regular document backups. Even minor disasters can have serious consequences. Smart business owners know that the cost of document safety is far less than the cost of a disaster.

Is your business prepared for disaster? Can your business survive having its records damaged or entirely destroyed?

Iron Mountain’s document scanning services offer an efficient, affordable solution to protecting your documents, your business and ultimately the livelihoods of you and your employees.

These are just a few of the features of our document scanning services:


  • Strict access control and secure communication links, allows documents to be viewed from different sites without posing a security risk.
  • Secure administration allows users to be added or removed, activated or deactivated as well as the resetting of user passwords.
  • Web based access requires no special software and allows 24/7 access to records via a Web browser.
  • Each document is immediately accessible, by multiple users in multiple geographic locations.
  • Digital records can easily be duplicated and stored at multiple sites forming a key element of any disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.



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