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5 Document Scanning Articles You Just Have to Read

Document Scanning is a vital component of good Records Management, learn more about it with these articles.

Document Scanning benefits you may be missing

Document Scanning can be a powerful tool for managing your organisation’s records and documents. Discover some of the benefits of Document Scanning and check if you are missing any.

“The needs of today’s organisations differ greatly from those of yesterday. As we move further into the digital age, the pace of business and life, in general, continues to speed up.

The rise of new technology and speed with which it is replaced, by stiller newer technology has created numerous challenges for every organisation.”

You can read the full article by clicking this link, “Document Scanning Benefits You May Be Missing Out On”.


Why Document Imaging and Scanning Matters

Yes, Document Imaging and Scanning does matter. If you are thinking about making the transition from paper to digital, then this is the perfect article to read to help you make up your mind.

“When it comes to converting paper into digital, there are a few things that are good to know. For one, document imaging is so much more than simply scanning a piece of paper so that it can be accessed on a computer.

Document imaging involves not only the process of scanning but also the storage and retrieval processes.”


You can read the full article by clicking this link, “Why Document Imaging and Scanning Matters”.


Going Paperless with a Document Imaging Solution

The Paperless office is becoming more and more a reality. Document Imaging Solutions are the key to making the transition a smoother and less painful one.

Discover how scanning your documents and using less paper can make your life that much easier.

“Using a document imaging solution to digitise company documents and records is becoming more popular.

While there are many benefits to document imaging that no doubt play a large part in the shift to digital documents there is another reason that is coming to the fore.”


You can read the full article by clicking this link, “Going Paperless with a Document Imaging Solution”.


The Paperless Paper Office

Sometimes going fully paperless is not the best option. How then can one achieve the benefits of a paperless office yet make paper documents easier to handle? In this article, we look at how a hybrid paper and digital office can represent a great option for many businesses.

“Is it possible for a paperless office and a paper office to co-exist?

For some, the answer will be a resounding, ‘No!’ For others, it might be a tentative, ‘Yes.’ Still, others might scratch their heads and say, ‘I’m not sure.’
No matter your views on the subject, there are a few facts that you simply cannot ignore.”


You can read the full article by clicking this link, “The Paperless Paper Office”.

Document Scanning Costs – What you need to know

Before digitising your records and company documents it is a good idea to look at the factors that will influence the cost of going digital. To scan documents effectively and ensure one does not end up with just a bunch of digital files requires a fair amount of planning and coordination.

“Document scanning costs are an important factor when it comes to converting your paper documents into digital ones. However, it is important to try to view these costs as an investment rather than a cost.
This is because having paper documents and records converted into electronic records has a number of important benefits. For one, document scanning makes the handling of your organisation’s information more efficient.”

You can read the full article by clicking this link, “Document Scanning Costs – What you need to know”.


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