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Document Scanning Benefits You May Be Missing Out On

Why taking on a document scanning partner is a smart idea.


The needs of today’s organisations differ greatly from those of yesterday. As we move further into the digital age, the pace of business and life in general continues to speed up. The rise of new technology and speed with which it is replaced, by stiller newer technology has created numerous challenges for every organisation.

Among these challenges is the ability to access information quickly. Today’s customer, whether in a business to business or business to consumer situation demands delivery of products and services faster than ever before.

If you as an employee or you as a company owner still have to search through paper documents in metal filing cabinets to access information then you are losing time. Moreover, as the saying goes, ‘time is money’.

So the question is what can you do about it?

Living in the digital age, while challenging, has also given rise to many wonderful technologies that assist organisations in improving their efficiency. Among this is a technology that has in fact been around for many years.

Document scanning, or imaging as it is often referred to as, has enabled organisations to convert their paper documents into digital ones. Being able to do this offers many great benefits to your organisation.

Document Scanning Benefits


Scanning your paper documents and records is a great way to create backups. Once your documents are scanned, they can easily be duplicated and moved to multiple locations, which is a great way to reduce the risk of disasters and improve disaster recovery.

Another benefit of digitising your paper documents is the ability to make these documents accessible to multiple users from almost any location, so long as they have an internet connection. This is a great way to improve production as travelling employees can continue to work and thus productivity is increased.

In addition to the above benefit is the ability to control access to your digital documents. A wide range of security measures means that only those who are authorised to view and use your documents will be able to do so. These security measures also allow users to be added and removed as needed and passwords to be reset easily.

Having your records and documents scanned also unlocks a huge productivity booster. Gone are the days of having to stand up, walk over to a filing cabinet, and sift through your folders and files only to find the document you want has been moved, lost or is being used by another. Not only can you search your scanned documents using intuitive searching facilities but also more than one person can use the document at the same time.

Better still, you do not need any specialised software to access your files. Simply open up your browser, login, and access your files.

Then there is the benefit of saving money. If you have a large paper file archive in your offices, you are paying for that space. By scanning your documents, you can reclaim some or all of that storage space as documents that no longer need to be kept can be shredded as you now have digital copies that will always be available.

The beauty of modern document scanning technology also means that documents of almost any size can be digitised and backed up. From your standard A4 size page to poster size architectural plans, you can rest assured your documents will last a long time.


Your Document Scanning Partner


Iron Mountain offers a wide range of document scanning solutions to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes. Whether you need 100 documents scanned or 100 000, we have you covered. Talk to us today about your document scanning and secure offsite storage needs.


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