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Document Scanning Costs – What you need to know

Document Scanning Costs can vary greatly depending on your requirements

Document scanning costs are an important factor when it comes to converting your paper documents into digital ones. However, it is important to try to view these costs as an investment rather than a cost.

This is because having paper documents and records converted into electronic records has a number of important benefits. For one, document scanning makes the handling of your organisation’s information more efficient.

Additionally, document scanning provides an excellent way to improve your recovery ability should you be hit by a disaster of some sort.

So while it may not be easy to convert document scanning costs directly into an investment based costs or disaster recovery savings, document scanning costs nonetheless should be seen as a good thing rather than just an added expense.

From a cost point of view, there are however a number of factors that will determine your final scanning costs.


Document Scanning Volume

The main broad factor that will determine your document scanning costs is the volume of records needing to be converted into digital images. The more documents you have the more it will cost to scan them. That said, the more documents you have scanned the less you will pay per document.


Document Preparation

An often overlooked part of document scanning costs is the preparation of your documents. Over a period of years, your documents will have been moved in and out of filing cabinets and probably used and misused along the way.

Besides the obvious ‘dog-earing’ of these documents and bends and folds, they have likely picked up other characteristics that can make scanning problematic. These characteristics can include the following and more:

  • Paperclips
  • Staples
  • Bulldog clips
  • Collected in binders and files
  • Taping such as sticky tape or masking tape
  • Prestick


This means time will need to be spent in order to remove the above so as to avoid damaging the imaging and scanning machines.

Thus, the more preparation that is required to more costs may be incurred.


Offsite Imaging or Onsite Imaging

Another factor that will affect the cost of scanning your documents is where they get scanned. You have a number of options here.

You can have your records scanned at your own premises using rented scanners with or without training scanning machine operators.

You could also opt to have your records scanned at one of Iron Mountain’s professional scanning bureau facilities.

Both of these options have transport and delivery costs too. On one hand, your documents will need to be collected and returned to you where you select offsite imaging. One the other hand, scanning equipment, and personnel will need to be transported to and from your premises.

Depending on your requirements and location, these two options will have an effect on your total imaging costs.


Bulk Back Scanning or Image-On-Demand

As already mentioned, the volume of your documents needing to be scanned plays a big part in the costs. More specifically, your document imaging costs will be affected by your choice of scanning option.

If you have a very large document archive you may select the bulk back scanning option, which could reduce your cost per document but increase the overall scanning project costs.

If your document archive is large or small you might opt for Image-On-Demand, which is a highly selective scanning package where only your most important documents are scanned. While this option will bring overall costs down, it is more costly per individual document.


Image Hosting

Last but not least is the storage of your new digital documents. You may choose to store them on your own premises using your own servers, hard drives etc. or you could choose to store them at a secure data storage facility like those offered by Iron Mountain and thus have remote access and greater disaster protection.

Your choice of image storage option will then also have an impact on your overall document scanning costs.


Iron Mountain Imaging and Scanning Bureau Facilities

Iron Mountain offers a wide range of document scanning solutions to cater to all scanning needs. We have scanners that can handle most paper sizes and we also have highly trained scanning operators to process documents efficiently.

For more about our scanning solutions and to discuss your requirements please get in touch with us.


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