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2 Document Shredding Dangers

You may not know it but there are dangers associated with document shredding

Every year businesses in South Africa shred, recycle or otherwise get rid of tons of paper waste. Some businesses use a secure shredding service while others prefer to do it in-house. Either way, there are a number of document shredding dangers that you should be aware of.

Document Shredding Dangers # 1: Document Privacy

If you are doing your document shredding in-house, you may be taking a big risk by letting your employees handle it. To illustrate this point let us look at a possible scenario:

After many months of long meetings and workshops, your new marketing strategy is ready. Now what to do with the dozen or so drafts and planning notes? Destruction seems like a good solution, it will take care of the storage issue and ensure competitors cannot get an idea of what you are plannin

Unfortunately David, who is part of your marketing team is feeling ignored, he put forward a number of marketing ideas, all of which were shot down or ridiculed. David also happened to miss out on a promotion a few months back.

So with marketing strategy draft documents in hand David decides to approach one of your competitors for a job and since they are not the type to worry about ethics they smile at the thought of interfering with your marketing efforts to their benefit.

Document Shredding Dangers # 2: Shredding Injuries

While shredding injuries are not commonplace, they can, and do happen. By choosing to use your staff to handle your shredding you run the risk of injury. Should an injury occur you may find yourself short of a key member of your team and even be liable for injury claims.


The disposal and shredding of company documents is unavoidable. Documents cannot be stored forever and many are sensitive in nature. While some companies may still choose to do their own shredding many companies are realising that using a secure shredding service eliminates the risks involved and is cost-effective and convenient.

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