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Document Storage Solutions: Why Your Storage Facility Matters

How to select the right Document Storage Solutions for your organisation

Document storage solutions are plentiful these days. There are, however, vast differences in the quality of the storage facilities currently available.

Let us look at the three broad storage facility options…


In-House Document Storage Solutions

Your first storage facility option is in-house storage. Most companies probably start out this way. Typically, you will have allocated an area of your office space for filling cabinets and this is where all your documents and records get kept and retrieved from.

You may have additional filing cabinets scattered through your premises for use by different departments.

Now there are a number of pros and cons to this option, ranging from ease of access on the positive side to poor access control and high disaster risk on the negative.

Yes, you may find it convenient to access your documents and you may feel that in-house storage eliminates offsite storage costs, which sounds like another positive.

But here is the truth of the matter. In-house storage can actually be more expensive than offsite document storage. Why? Well for one, office space is not exactly cheap to rent and storage space is not exactly a productive use of office space. Then there is the cost of filing cabinets and the maintenance of your filing systems.

Lastly, while your building may have a measure of security and access control and fire detection and suppression systems, these are not specifically suited to document storage. Your filing room will likely have little to no access control, meaning almost anyone could access your information and records.

You also will likely not have thought about vermin that can destroy documents as well as rising damp. Not to mention you will have to rely on only basic building fire suppression systems, which may not be adequate to handle a paper fire.

Thus, in-house document storage comes with quite a few cons, especially as your filing needs expand.


Self-Storage Document Storage Solutions

This option may seem like a cost effective one. On one hand, you can free up office space for more productive activities, which means what you pay for rent produces a better return. You may also feel that this option is cheaper than professional offsite document storage facilities.

Nonetheless, there is a downside to this option.

Like your in-house filing room, self-storage does not come with attention to detail. There is no fumigation to rid your documents or vermin and paper loving insects and the access control is somewhat limited.

When it comes to fire detection and suppression, self-storage in most cases. Is even worse than in-house storage as self-storage units seldom have smoke detectors and sprinklers.

To put it plainly, your documents and records may be more at risk in these facilities than anywhere else. While saving on expenses is a good thing, doing so and increasing your risk of loss is not. The cost of losing your documents and records is far higher than the cost of properly protecting them.


Secure Offsite Document Storage Solutions

This brings us to the last option. The option where we get to toot our own horn. It is not without good reason that we do this, however.

As document storage specialists, we know about all the risks involved when it comes to safely storing records. We have put great care into building and maintaining offsite storage facilities that reduce, in not entirely reduce these risks.

As we are entrusted by you to protect your organisation’s valuable information and we know how important it is we have taken every step we can to secure it.

Our offsite document storage solutions offer storage facilities with the highest levels of security, including 24/7 video surveillance, high-security access control through biometric systems and complete chain of custody monitoring.

We also make use of regular fumigation services and have some of the most high-tech fire suppression systems that can detect smoke long before to human nose could detect anything. In fact, some of these systems are the same as those used in military aircraft and ships around the world.


If you care about your organisation and the quality of your document storage facilities, then Iron Mountain’s offsite document storage solutions are a smart choice.

For more information about our facilities and to discuss your storage needs, please get in touch with us.


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