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How Document Imaging Improves Information Management

Easy access through professional imaging solutions

There is no doubt that in today’s fast paced ever-changing business landscape there is a need for document imaging solutions that allow you to access your business records and vital documents instantly.

As your business grows, takes on new clients and increases its staff complement it becomes inevitable that your document and record volumes will grow too. Effectively managing not only your current documents but many new ones too then becomes vital.


Why is effective records management so important and why is document imaging the solution?

As the volumes of your paper records increase, you will run into these costly issues:

  • Your paper costs increase
  • Additional storage of paper documents is required further increasing costs
  • Organising and filing your documents becomes time consuming
  • Staff productivity decreases as vital documents go missing
  • Compliance with regulations becomes more risky as documents get lost


Utilising Document Imaging Solutions, like those provided by Iron Mountain, you will be able to implement a more effective information management program that offers many benefits including:

  • Reduce the costs associated with storing paper documents
  • Increase access time and allow multiple people to access documents at the same time
  • Control the lifecycle of your documents and records from creation to destruction while improving compliance with regulations
  • Easily maintain copies of important records
  • Increase productivity as documents can be easily accessed and can never get lost

Why Iron Mountain?

No matter the needs and challenges of your business or its size, Iron Mountain’s document imaging professionals can assist you. Iron Mountain will not only enable you to manage your documents more effectively but reduce the risks associated with paper documents and records while maintaining security, compliance and reducing costs.

Find out more about the extensive features of our Document Imaging and Scanning services or contact Iron Mountain today to take your information management to the next level.



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