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How to Protect Your Documents From the Risks that Come with Storing Them

How to Protect Your Documents From the Risks that Come with Storing Them

Limit personnel access:
The easiest way to protect your documents from your employees is simply to limit the access they have to these documents. Only allow access to employees that cannot do their jobs without the documents. Biometric scanners, keypad access or card swipe access are great ways to motor who has entered the storage room and for how long. You can even go so far as to keep a log book of when a document was taken out of the document storage facility and when it was put back. Even these employees could still steal valuable information.

Invest in paper-saving technology:
Documents need to be kept as safe and secure as possible. If you invest in an early smoke detection system, this could catch possible fires before they do serious damage. Fire prevention systems that don’t use water are also a great idea because water can cause more damage than the fire it put out would have done. These systems may be expensive but the cost you will face if you lost or damaged important documents would be exponentially higher.

Consider moving records storage off-site:
A method of document storage you should definitely consider is allowing an external document storage company to store your documents for you. This is the safest option as they have security procedures in place that have been moulded and improved over the years to keep all your documents safe. They monitor access to your documents and check the security every day. Ensure that the lead time to retrieve documents is in line with what you want. They will also destroy outdated or unnecessary documents in a secure, environmentally safe manner.

Securely destroy unnecessary documents:
Destroying or disposing of an old or obsolete document is not as easy as just throwing it away in the trash. Sensitive and confidential information about clients could appear on these documents and proper care has to be taken to prevent this information from getting into the wrong hands. Shredding of old documents is the most common, secure way of destroying documents. Shredders have different security levels. Shredders that shred documents into lots of thin strips are more secure than one that shreds it into fewer, larger strips.

Digital storage forms a huge part of data storage today but paper is still hugely in the picture. The practicality of paper has not yet been replaced. Organisations need to constantly ensure that their documents are secure, or they could leave it to the professionals, like Backup Storage Facilities. They will store and or destroy all your documents in a safe, secure manner.


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