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Data Archiving Using a Hybrid Data Storage Approach – Part 2

Solving the challenges of implementing hybrid data storage for data archives.

In, ‘Data Archiving Using a Hybrid Data Storage Approach – Part 1’ we took a look at the pros and cons of both tape storage systems and cloud storage systems.

Both options have clear reasons why they are excellent for data storage and yet both have flaws.


Data Availability and Retrieval Frequency

When looking at a Hybrid Data Storage approach it is important to understand how both tape storage and cloud storage can work together. To do so requires a look at your data in terms of its availability and how often it is access or used.

Cloud storage technology is an obvious choice where data needs to be available quickly or retrieved often. Tape is an excellent choice for data that requires long-term storage and is well suited to large scale backups and thus disaster recovery.

Companies that operate in heavily regulated industries and have data that is regularly required for litigation and/or compliance purposes find tape storage to be burdensome. Cloud storage in this case is just a better fit.

For these industries and all others, information and data needs to be assessed in terms of its retrieval frequency and data availability before determining which storage solution to use.


Moving to the Cloud

Among the benefits companies which to obtain through cloud storage are scalability, efficiency, data availability and cost savings. However, the transition is not a simple one. There is a considerable investment required in order to unlock these benefits and this investment has become an obstacle for many companies.

Additionally, there is an increasing need for information security as cyber-crime continues to increase. This then requires careful thought as the the cloud environment utilised as it should ideally have excellent encryption systems as well as geo-redundancy provided by miring data at a second data storage facility.

Yet the need for cloud storage and its benefits is not one that can be ignored and will see many companies commit to the transition from legacy tape storage to cloud.


Can You Retain the Benefits of Tape Storage yet Reduce its Cost

Maintaining costly in-house legacy tape systems is a key driver in pushing companies towards cloud and away from tape. While tape storage is inexpensive, tape infrastructure and the time required to retrieve tape data is costly.

Yet, as mentioned, tape storage offers proven shelf-life, restorability and data security that cloud does not at this time represent.

Having looked at the need for fast access to data and regular retrieval one should also have noted that not all data and documents require fast access or regular retrieval. Thus, certain information is well suited to tape storage.

This is where Hybrid Data Storage comes into play.

Information, that needs to be access quickly or retrieved often, such as data subject to litigation and compliance, is well suited to cloud storage. Data that is less active but still subject to retention and of a valuable nature should be stored on tapes. Disaster recovery backups should also make use of tapes even where cloud storage has redundancy in the form of replication and mirroring.

In order to reduce both the time and monetary costs of legacy tape systems a third-party provider can be contracted. This removes the burden of maintenance, security and management of tapes systems and enhances disaster recovery as your data is stored securely offsite.


Action Required

A final point to remember…

Many companies are struggling with the creation of information management strategies to manage the ever growing volumes of information, perhaps even in yours. Every day more data is created, accumulated and utilised in your organisation.

It is important to realise that the longer you take to choose and approach to your data storage and archiving the more data and information you will accumulate. This accumulation will naturally make managing your data more and more difficult as time goes by.


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