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Implementing File-Tracking Software

The importance of a customised installation.

Implementing file-tracking software is an important part of proper records management procedures. As organisations expand, their needs change and so do their filing systems and the documents they use regularly.

The document filing systems of a small company with only a few departments will be different from those of a huge corporate company with many departments and hundreds of staff. The manner in which each organisation uses their documents and what type of documents they use most regularly will vary too.

Thus implementing file-tracking software is not as simple as installing software you buy from your local computer store.

Setting up a system that meets your needs and allows you to manage your documents and records effectively requires prior knowledge of your records and processes. Only a thorough inspection and good planning will set the stage for implementing file-tracking software and mapping the system to your specifications and procedures.


6 Questions that can assist you with choosing and implementing file-tracking software:

  1. Could your organisation benefit from the ability to quickly locate its documents and records?
  2. Will increased document accountability assist management?
  3. How large is your organisation and how many departments, divisions, and sections does it have?
  4. How many documents and records does your company keep and use and how often does their volume increase?
  5. Which documents need to remain on-site and are there documents that might be better suited to off-site storage?
  6. How sensitive are your documents and records and who should be able to access them?


Iron Mountain’s File-tracking Software Solution

Docu-Track, Iron Mountain’s innovative file-tracking software allows customised implementations to meet the unique needs of your business. Docu-Track is flexible, modular, and capable of meeting the requirements of businesses large and small.

To find out more about our file tracking software can help you contact Iron Mountain today .



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