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Increase Organisational Efficiency by using a Smart RIM Solution

In good economic times and bad, increasing efficiency while reducing costs just makes sense.

Every organisation no matter their size can benefit from increases in efficiency through the use of a smart RIM Solution. Likewise, no sane organisation would ever pass up the opportunity to reduce operational costs, which often accompanies increased efficiency.

Therefore, we’ve put together this list of solutions that your organisation can take advantage of in order to increase organisational efficiency and quite possibly reduce costs.


RIM Solution #1 – Document Imaging and Scanning

Iron Mountain’s Document Imaging and Scanning solutions are helping hundreds of organisations bridge the gap between paper and digital workflows. There is no question that digital technology makes for better and more efficient businesses.

While paper is still an important part of any organisation’s daily activity and will be for many years to come electronic documents improve information accuracy and improve efficiency.

The following are some of the main benefits of using a document imaging and scanning solution:

  • Paper documents can be backed up in electronic format, which forms an integral part of any well thought out business continuity strategy.
  • Electronic documents can be found easily through clever categorisation and search functionality.
  • Scanned documents can be made available to more than one user at a time, meaning work that requires the same document can be accomplished faster as there are no delays caused by access.
  • Access to electronic documents can also be restricted to authorised personal.
  • Once digitised your documents and records can no longer go missing or simply disappear. This means no more production time is wasted hunting for that elusive contract.


RIM Solution #2 – Secure Document Shredding

Once your documents and records have been scanned you will be able to safely dispose of those records that have reached the end of their retention period and no longer offer any value to your organisation. This results in a reduction in your storage space needs, whether you keep your archives in an in-house storage room or make use of an offsite document storage facility.

The fact that you have fewer documents to worry about or read through can add that little bit of extra efficiency to your workday.


RIM Solution #3 – Archiving Stationary

Once you have sorted out which documents to keep and which to dispose of, its time to get them safely stored. Iron Mountain’s wide range of archival stationary products will help you keep your documents and records neat and easily accessible while keeping them well protected.


RIM Solution #4 – File Tracking

If your organisation makes use of an in-house filing system or document archive then it is not complete without a smart file-tracking solution. Docu-Track, is Iron Mountain’s innovative software solution, and it makes handling in-house filing a breeze.

Among other things, Docu-Track allows you to manage the complete life cycle of your records and is fully scalable to meet the needs of organisations large and small.

This smart filing management system is the perfect solution for increasing efficiency within your organisation.


RIM Solution #5 – Offsite Document Storage

For those documents and records that need an extra level of security or are no longer used regularly but need to be kept to remain compliant with legislation, Iron Mountain’s world-class offsite storage facilities are the answer.

Iron Mountain operates facilities in all major cities in South Africa. These facilities offer multi-layered security from perimeter security and 24-hour remote surveillance to biometric access control and military grade fire detection and suppression systems.

While your records can be retrieved at a moment’s notice, you will be able to enjoy offices that are that little bit less cluttered.


RIM Solution #6 – Offsite Data Storage

Finally yet importantly, our offsite data storage vaults allow your scanned documents and other electronic data to be securely stored and accesses conveniently through your web browser. Comprehensive search features allow you to access documents quickly and easily, while access control systems prevent unauthorised users from viewing your valuable data.


The efficiency gains your organisation can enjoy using our solutions are obvious. Nevertheless, there are also potential savings to be had. Some savings are a little less tangible, such as the gains you get from more productive employees, others such as reduced storage costs, are more noticeable.

If you think, your organisation could benefit from greater efficiency and reduced operational costs, then why not get in touch with a Iron Mountain representative today.


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