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The Worst Industries for Information and Data Leaks

The Worst Industries for Information and Data Leaks

As the power of the World Wide Web develops, the number of information and data leaks increases too. There seems to be an ever growing collection of concerns regarding the protection of information and you should be concerned too. I’m not just talking about personal information and how it is used in advertising and lead development, I am touching more specifically on the point of corporate data and the need for better information management.

The last few years have seen scores of leaks and hacks that have all but devastated the parties involved, and in quite a few of the cases, the fall has come as a direct result of negligence. We live in an age where data is valuable, and so information should be adequately protected from outside attacks and access. These industries are the ones which felt the burn the hardest.


Information and Data Leaks by Industry

Financial institutions
It stands to reason that financial institutions are constantly battling attacks on one front or another. Dealing with the flow and distribution of money, especially on an online basis, makes one quite the target. In 2008, Heartland Payment Systems was infiltrated and the digital attackers managed to get the credit card details of over 134 million accounts.

This was done through SQL injections that installed spyware on Heartland’s Data systems, an occurrence that could have been avoided with the correct security measures since an SQL attack was the most common form of web-attacks at the time.

Email Services
Does anyone remember in 2011 when the names and contact details of millions of Epsilon account holders were publically exposed? Probably not since it was one out of many that have had this happen. Details of customers stored in over 108 retail stores and financial firms were released publically, allowing for more specified and personalised phishing attempts.

Cost of the damage done to this amounted to somewhere around $4 billion, is regarded as one of the most expensive breaches of all time.

Whether it’s Anonymous casting a fearful shadow over the dishonest or simply a curious teenager trying to play with a bout of anarchy, Government department attacks are almost as common as movies made about them. In 2011, the RSA had the details of approximately 40 million employee records stolen.

Independent members of Anonymous have also claimed responsibility for attacks on our own government, and let us never forget the power that they held with regards to the start of the ‘Arab Spring’, an event which saw many violent social transformations in the Middle-East.

For as long as there have been online games, there have been attacks on them. Cases range from infiltrations of systems and accounts to lengthy and expensive court cases where players’ avatars have been used for unrepeatable digital actions.

But perhaps where the most money has been lost in this industry comes from the ravages of piracy and online leaks of software before the product is due to release. Countless software companies have had to shut their doors after what little revenue their games made couldn’t keep them afloat, while many players were enjoying their games for free.

This industry, as well as the music and film one could have prevented most of these losses with the correct implementation of data backup and security measures which were never taken. So take a lesson from these unfortunate victims of online crime. Protect your business’s information by finding a professional handler of information security.


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