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Information Storage Traps That Could Cripple Your Company

How You Handle Your Information Storage Can Make or Break Your Company

Computer sciences have been transforming the way businesses handle their collections of essential data and information storage for years now. But what was initially hailed as a foolproof medium for managing data has brought about complications and concerns, which have become pivotal complications for many businesses.

I am of course talking about the challenges faced by businesses who have needed to archive files and use expensive IT systems for information storage. Servers and hard-drives are expensive and require maintenance tasks which are often not within the bounds of a company’s technological know-how. This can lead to catastrophic losses of data and hardware which can leave your company in disarray. Here are just a few of the problems that your company could face from this:

Accidentally Deleting Files

One of the most common errors in data storage comes from good old-fashioned human error. The fast-paced life of a growing enterprise means that your staff are liable to make mistakes, and few mistakes can be more devastating than the accidental deletion of files or folders that are essential to your business’s admin, or those that are crucial for client delivery. Ensuring that you back up all of your content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis on a server that requires administrative privileges to change files is essential for avoiding this pitfall.

Virus and Malware Infections

Viruses and other harmful forms of software are easily spread, especially along an office network. This can cause severe corruptions, failures and inconsistencies as far as your files’ integrity is concerned. Having a backup server with strong protection and firewalls can help hamper the spread of malicious software to your most crucial storage devices, but the best bet is to opt for a third party storage solution that can manage your files off-site, far away from possible corruption.

Hardware Failure

We all know the trite saying about keeping all of your eggs in one basket, and it is an essential lesson to learn when it comes to your information storage efforts. You never know when hard-drives and tapes will pack in from wear and tear, magnetism, temperature fluctuations or impact. To avoid losing this information, it is a good idea to back up your backups, but for a more convenient solution, consider a supplier of cloud data management services to do it for you.

Third Party Hacks and Leaks

Information storage and security are important for any enterprise. Your data tells the story of your business’s growth expenditure and customer details which need to be kept secure from third party hackers and spyware. But most companies may find it illogical to employ their own security measures since the price might be too high, so outsourcing your data management is often an attractive way to solve this problem.

So if you need to take better control of your information management, or want to do everything in your power to avoid falling into debilitating traps, get into contact with a professional provider of storage solutions like Iron Mountain. There is no need to leave your information security to chance. Contact Iron Mountain today.


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