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Maintaining Document Integrity using File Tracking Software

Controlling the life cycle of your company’s documents is not only a smart thing to do but it is vital.


Documents and records are the lifeblood of every organisation, without them you could not operate. Yet as your company grows, so too does the burden of file tracking and maintaining document integrity. If your organisation has no control over its documents and records, it will soon find itself in all kinds of trouble. Among other things, you might face:

  • staff members accessing documents they should not have access to
  • you might end up disposing of records too soon and thus be violating legislation
  • valuable documents may end up in the hands of your competitors
  • staff may steal records for their own purposes upon leaving your employment

The list of course does not end there.


So how can a file tracking solution ease your file management headaches?


Every organisation can benefit from the ability to quickly locate its documents and records, and your organisation is no exception. Not only will file tracking increase document accountability and assist management in its utilization of your documents but it can improve document security by restricting access to only those who should have access.

With file tracking software such as Docu-Track from Iron Mountain, you can achieve the following and more:

  1. The movements of each document on the system can be tracked through your organisation.
  2. All your paper documents can be managed and they can even be linked to your scanned documents for even better management.
  3. Your documents can be tracked whether they are on your organisation’s premises or they are offsite at your offsite storage partner’s premise.
  4. Every document can be secured using data encryption, digital signatures, and certificates.
  5. You can limit access to your documents to authorised personnel only, thus safeguarding them from theft and misuse.
  6. The entire life-cycle of your documents can be tracked, from creation, to storage, to retrieval, to use, and to eventual secure destruction according to their retention schedule
  7. Generate management reports to better understand and control document usage and increase accountability.


 Implementing File Tracking


When it comes to implementing file-tracking software it is important to assess how large your organisation is and how many departments, divisions, and sections it has.

Additionally you will need to have some idea of how many documents and records your company keeps and uses and how often their volume increases.

You also want to work out which documents need to remain on-site and which document could be better-stored offsite.

Knowing how you process your documents is also vital to setting up your file-tracking software.

Once all the relevant aspects of your organisation have been carefully inspected, the correct implementation can be planned, mapped, and implemented to meet your organisations specific needs.


Scalability and Flexibility


Benefiting from, and implementing a file tracking solution is one thing, being able to use it for the near future is another.

With Docu-Track, you not only get to implement software with powerful document management benefits but you get a system that is almost infinitely scalable. It is also flexible enough to be customised to meet the needs and conform to the processes of most organisations.

To learn more about Iron Mountain’s Docu-Track software or speak to a consultant, contact Iron Mountain today.


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