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Managing Documents More Effectively

Problem: Your company has difficulties managing documents that are required to do business and you waste hundreds of hours searching for misfiled and lost documents.

Managing documents effectively is not always simple, especially when you have many varied documents to manage. If you are using filing cabinets you will know that it took a long time to get them correctly categorised and filed, you will also know that without all that work to setup them up correctly you would never find anything.

Over the years – if you have not strictly maintained your filing cabinets – they have probably degraded into a filing nightmare complete with tattered dog-eared files that are missing pages and documents filled under completely wrong categories.

Then there is the time needed to search your filing cabinets to find the documents you need, even well organised filing cabinets can take time to search. Clearly using paper documents and filing cabinets is neither a pleasant nor an efficient method of managing documents.

Have you ever recorded how much time you spend each day looking for documents you need to do your job?

If you found yourself spending just one hour each day searching for your documents then you would are wasting over twenty hours each month. Besides the loss of all that time the sheer frustration in hunting for missing documents, which you need urgently and no one recalls seeing, is just not a rewarding or productive way to work.

Document scanning services can take the frustration and burden out of your document filing. Imagine being able to simply go to your computer, click your mouse a few times and find the documents you need, then another click or two and you have made a copy or printed one, all without upsetting the original files.

Here are some of the benefits of using Iron Mountain’s document scanning services to make managing documents more effective:


  • End-to-End outsourced document scanning service ensures your documents are converted in to electronic formats quickly and easily
  • Save you time maintaining and searching though files with multiple indexing fields that allow for easy searching
  • Make your documents more accessible to staff and faster to access
  • Make coping and sharing documents more efficient
  • Save your staff time, which allows them to get on with more important tasks and be more productive



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