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Managing Information Security Through Organisational Mindset Shifts

As more companies digitize themselves in order to seek new growth opportunities, they need to be mindful of the need for information security.

Managing Information Security is becoming more complex in today’s digital age. Requiring greater resources, more complex strategies and fundamental shifts in company mindset from the top down.

In our article, ‘Digital Transformation Requires Greater Information Security’, we introduced you to a few of the drivers of a greater need for enhancements to information security. In today’s article we will be discussing some of the changes in thinking that organisations need to prepare themselves for.

Managing Information Security in the digital age will require mindset shifts in at least four broad categories:

  • Organisation Wide Holistic Information Security
  • Information Security Education
  • Information Sharing Policies
  • Protecting Digital Information


Organisation Wide Holistic Information Security

Managing information security can no longer be seen to be the job or a few people within your organisation. The fact is, everyone in your organisation has access to digital information and thus shares a degree of responsibility in keeping it secure.

IT staff who are at the forefront of moving your company into the digital age through digital product development certainly share a greater degree of responsibility when it comes to your organisation’s information. Thus, they will need to be aware of security needs and measures at a much higher level.

This mindset shift will require greater awareness of the information used by each employee within your organisation and a sharing of responsibility in varying degrees for all

Managing Information Security Education

Managing information security through education is intimately connected with an organisation wide holistic information security view.

Education is critical in creating awareness of security risks and in managing these risks. Ideally, education programmes should be made available to all employees with more comprehensive training given to those who have access to more information and more sensitive information.

A fundamental and critical lesson for all staff is the awareness of cyber crime and the methods it employs. From phishing attacks to manipulation through social engineering, the more knowledgeable your staff the more likely you are to stop a data breach before it happens.

Information Sharing Policies

The increasing need for information sharing and collaborative business ventures means your company’s information is dispersed more widely than ever before.

The need for comprehensive information sharing policy has never been greater and cannot be left out of your Records & Information Management Programme or Information Governance Policies.

At the same time, you must be careful not to be overly restrictive as this not only will create stops but where you are pursuing digital products, the speed-to-market can be slowed which can result in loss of profits.

Ideally, information sharing policies need to be well balanced and take into account all stakeholders. You may even need to consider a policy framework that is evolutionary rather than set in stone. A living breathing information sharing policy that can change with the changing digital landscape will be far more appropriate than an inflexible one and it will give you the freedom to seize opportunity, yet will maintain a level of control over your information

Protecting Your Information

Lastly, you will need to seriously look at how you backup, archive and access your digital information. While many companies today have seen the benefits of offsite data storage with leading records and information management companies such as Iron Mountain, many companies still hold onto their data with poor to non-existence backups or archives.

This mindset shift is one you will need to face sooner or later. As digital information continues to grow in volume and its management and security becomes more complex, the need to implement data storage, access control solutions and disaster mitigation measures will only increase.


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