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How to Market Your Records Management Programme

The right way to get everyone in your organisation to play ball.

Creating a Records Management Programme is no easy task. You have probably spent months putting it together and then gone through the arduous process of getting top management to approve it and give you the green light to implement it.

Now comes the easy part right? Unfortunately implementing your new Records Management Programme is not going to be easy to implement unless you use the right approach.


Divisional and Departmental Resistance

You are most likely going to be met with a fair amount of resistance from both middle-level management and the employees under them as your programme threatens to disrupt their ‘business as usual’ routine.

The fact is, your Records Management Programme is much needed and will not only safeguard your organisation but its employees too. Some departments like your Legal Department will probably see the benefits right away and be only too happy to cooperate and get the programme implemented.

Other departments will need a bit more convincing. You must remember that getting your programme implemented not only interrupts normal work routines but it also adds the burden of additional work and learning. Change is seldom welcomed with open arms and neither is additional pressure.


Choose the Path of Least Resistance

Using strong-arm tactics and trying to force compliance is not going to be the route to success. Persuasion is the key. Fundamental to receiving buy in for your programme, is communicating the benefits not only to the organisation as a whole but to each department, manager and employee.

Your first steps then should be to outline, in simple easy to understand terms, why each division or department in your organisation should implement your programme and how it will benefit them. Take the time to understand each area of your organisation so that you can relate the benefits to real issues each area faces.

Additionally, you need to development an ongoing relationship as records management is not a once off effort but an ongoing process. Part of developing this relationship and marketing your Records Management Programme is to create ongoing awareness campaigns that remind employees why they need to play their part. Regular training programmes that cover the procedures on a gradient are also vital.

Finally, it can also be beneficial to make yourself known as a records management subject matter expert (SME) and ensure everyone within your organisation knows where to find you and that you are available to assist them.

While your programme probably will not be adopted overnight, the above ideas will likely help you make good steady progress and win you a few friends along the way.


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