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Even More Records and Information Management Myths

Separating truth from fiction.

There seems to be a steady stream of myths surrounding records and information management. So, whenever we come across them we feel the proper thing to do is set the record straight.


Myth Number 7

Storing records offsite reduces productivity.

This is one of those myths that almost sound true. Many people have argued that when records get stored offsite it makes it harder for them to do their jobs, as they do not have the record they need and it will be slow to retrieve it. Seems like a valid argument until you realise a few things.

For one, keeping all your records onsite is actually a great way to reduce production as you have more files to search through and more files means more opportunity for misplacing them and losing them. Never mind the fact that more maintenance will be required, which will eat away at your production time.

The fact is, if you take the time to discover how your records are used and which ones are used most often, you can better decide which ones to keep and which ones to send to an offsite document storage facility. Better still is the fact that by having your documents digitized you can actually access your records even faster as they can be retrieved through Iron Mountain’s web portal through your browser.


Myth Number 8

Document scanning is expensive and too big a job to tackle.

Yes, document imaging and scanning does cost money, but it is money well worth spending when you realise that not only are you securing your records against possible disasters, but you are also making them easier and faster to find as they can be stored electronic with full metadata for easy searching. This means that less time is wasted searching for documents, which leads to increased productivity.

When you feel that document, scanning is just too big a job you are probably thinking about it from the point of view of doing it yourself or from the point of view of the cost implications. As you have no doubt read the cost can be recouped through increased production as well as reduced losses should disaster strike.


Myth Number 9

Document scanning can be done in-house at a lower cost.

For many companies the thought of digitizing all their paper records is a daunting one. Some feel it will cost more money than it will save it, while others feel the job is just too big to tackle. Still others feel they can do it themselves.

Doing your scanning in-house is actually more expensive than outsourcing it. For one you are going to need to purchase a number of scanners. Cheap scanners will be slow while expensive scanners are expensive. Then there is the loss in productivity, as your employees have to make time to scan documents.

The fact is, a dedicated scanning bureau makes the process faster, and easier as experienced scanners who are more efficient do the job, thus the job is usually smaller than you think. A little bit of training and a good file-tracking solution can then help you digitize new documents and maintain your remaining in-house filing.

If after reading the above you still think you can handle all your scanning yourself with a few desktop scanners then just remember this:

To do a proper job you are going to need to carry out more actions than just scanning.

  • you will need to sort your records
  • remove staples before scanning
  • attach proper metadata to each scanned document to make electronic searches possible
  • and add access control to each record


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