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Offsite Document Storage Article Round Up

If you’ve missed some of our recent offsite document storage articles, now you can get the overview or go in-depth.

Today’s article highlights a number of valuable posts, which are concerned with offsite document storage. While you may have read some of these articles, chances are you have not read all of them, or perhaps you planned to read then but forgot as you got caught up in the day to day motions of your job.

So to simplify things for you, we’re giving you an excerpt and overview of each article so you can get the just of it and decide whether or not to read the full article.


‘The Dummies Guide to Offsite Document Storage’

“Securely storing your company or organisation’s records and documents is not an optional action. There are many regulations that govern the storage of your records and there are penalties for non-compliance.

While you may choose to store many of your documents at your own premise this is neither the most secure option nor the most cost effective.

Offsite document storage is by far the safest way to store your company’s records, provided you know what to look for when choosing an offsite document storage facility. ”

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There are four key takeaways in this article. Each point aims to assist you in selecting the right offsite document storage facility. From facility security to disaster management and retrievals, this article gives you the reasons why each aspect is important to your organisation.


‘Offsite Document Storage Best Practices’

“As your organisation expands, it will also see an increase in the volumes of records it creates, retains, and acquires. Offsite document storage represents one way of effectively managing these records.

There are however a few best practices to follow in order to get the most out of your chosen offsite document storage solution.”

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Offsite Document Storage is an important aspect of your Records Management Programme, failure to understand its importance and value could mean the failure of your entire programme.

This article discusses five vital best practices that need to be understood and followed to help you create and maintain a sound Records Management Programme.


 ‘Offsite Document Storage Can Save You More than Just Money’

“Managing the costs of keeping paper records on-site is quite a challenge for most organisations. Unfortunately, paper records, unlike digital records, take up a lot of storage space.

That storage space costs your company money, and it costs you money in more ways than is immediately obvious.”

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As the title suggests, there are more than a few benefits of using an offsite document storage solution. This article talks about the down side of in-house document storage and highlights some of the key benefits of being smart about document storage and sending your documents offsite.


‘ Offsite Document Storage – Why Iron Mountain?’

“There is no shortage of companies offering offsite document storage these days, with more entering the market each year.

The question is, how do you choose which company to partner with. After all, you are going to be trusting them to protect your most valuable records and data.

Iron Mountain prides itself on operating from world-class facilities. So, when it comes to offsite document storage there are a few things that we feel should not be negotiable.”

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At Iron Mountain we take pride in our ability to offer quality offsite document storage services to organisations large and small and cater to a wide range of individual requirements. The above article shares some of the many reasons why Iron Mountain is trusted as one of the leading Records Management Companies in Southern Africa.


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