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POPIA and Records Management eBook Download

eBook Summary

A quick reference guide to provide answers to your questions related to the POPI Act.



This guide will answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the impact the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is going to have on your business of records management.


About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is the global leader in storage and information management services. Founded in 1951, the Company services more than 220,000 customers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa.


Key Points & Possible Actions

  • Be responsible when processing personal information.
  • Take practical effective steps to protect personal information whenever possible.
  • You cannot protect all personal information, all the time. But you should try.
  • It is very unlikely that anyone will go to jail for unlawfully processing personal information.


eBook Contents Sample:

  1. What is POPIA?
  2. Why did POPIA come in to existence?
  3. Does POPIA apply to everybody?
  4. Do you have to comply with POPIA?
  5. Who is exempt from complying with POPIA?
  6. When will POPIA come into force?
  7. When must you comply by?
  8. What could happen to you if you do not comply?

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