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On-Line Backup & Restore

Vault-IT is a Data Backup solution provider, specialising in designing, implementing and supporting comprehensive, geographically diverse off-site backup solutions.

Our services are affordable, whilst catering for all the needs of home user and multinational’s alike. We are able to backup any data, e-mails, accounting or databases on servers, notebooks or workstations.  Due to redundancy features offered by our secure Vault facilities, service can be provided uninterrupted 24/7/365.

Vault-IT’s solutions work as follows

  • As per traditional backup strategies, a suitable ongoing schedule is established.
  • At the scheduled time your server negotiates a secure connection with the Vault-IT Data Vault.  The Vault will compare the current data set to the previous backup set and update all the changes for the day.
  • Clients are provided 256 bit encryption keys and extensive firewall security to protect data during and after transfer. Data retrieval is only possible with the encryption keys which not even Vault-IT staff have access to.
  • The Vault is accessible from any location, at any time allowing you flexibility to manage and access your data or backups.
  • In cases where a disaster leaves large volumes of data lost or corrupted, full restoration can be performed online or data can be shipped via overnight courier.

Vault-IT is a solution provider with expertise and experience to provide secure, solid, automated backup with the following features

  • Cross platform – Windows, Linux and Mac can be backed up; Compressive Data Recovery is possible across your entire network.
  • Application independent – Data from all mission critical programs can be backed up and recovered quickly if required.
  • Incremental and differential backups – Storage space or backup duration can be optimized according to site requirements.
  • Multi-site storage – Backed up data is replicated to an independent secondary site which ensures data is made invulnerable to localised disasters.
  • Itemised reporting – Multi-level (Summary / Detail) reporting provides transparency and allows tight control of costs.

When it comes to concerns around business continuity, growing data volumes and increasing data vulnerabilities. Vault-IT is in the forefront of the current outsourcing trends.  We are geared for all computing environments, from small, mid-size, enterprise wide or a multiple-platform LAN computing environment.  Vault-IT provides its software technology as a service over any corporation’s Internet connection, dedicated leased line or wireless network to our secure, state-of-the-art Data Centres.

Providing On-line Backup that is stored Off-site, thus making your data safe and always available.