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Protecting Your Company’s Sensitive Information in a Digital Age

Tackling the Problem of Protecting Sensitive Information in an Age of Rapid Technological Advancement

We live in a world that is developing quickly and information is the order of the day. Unfortunately, as blessed as we have been by the development of information technology, we as a generation have had some pretty difficult lessons to learn about the protection of sensitive data.

One need only look at recent events with live leaks of governmental information, the Ashley Madison scandal and many other related information protection disasters to get a taste of the importance of properly protecting your firm’s information from infiltration and third-party attacks. Correctly administering and managing data backup & security with regards to your company’s information is not just a recommended process, but as IT continually develops down a path of unforeseen loopholes, it has become an utterly crucial one.

The dangers of unprotected data

Your company no doubt has to manage a certain amount of sensitive data which must be circulated only amongst the right people and should be kept safe from the prying eyes and whims of the wrong ones. This information could include data on your businesses financial endeavours, your customers’ payment methods and account details, payrolls, customer sensitive data like health records and contact details, your work history and business plan, incriminating or sensitive legal documents and user protected works are just a few basic examples.

Having this information circulated within the wrong crowds or in the hands of those who would use it to gain a competitive advantage over your firm can have utterly devastating effects on your business’s reputation and operation. So there needs to be better control of your information that works behind the scenes and seamlessly. Luckily, there are a number of information protection solutions that will boost your data backup and security efforts, while still allotting you the necessary time to run your business with your full attention. These solutions are extremely automated, highly protected against file corruption or loss, and most importantly, safely encrypted to ensure that only the correct parties have access to it.

The ideal solutions for greater protection

Such solutions include products that are geared towards handling your media, information and documents in the following manners:

  1. Media Storage

Many firms such as advertising agencies and graphics firms need to store and manage vast quantities of sensitive files relating to rich media. Unfortunately, the hardware required to meet such capacities can get costly and unmanageable. Finding a storage solutions company that can manage your media storage is a great way around this.

  1. Online Storage

Cloud storage is an excellent way to store and protect sensitive information through encrypted channels that need to be accessed on the go. With cloud storage, your information is accessible from any device, but only by those with the authority to do so.

  1. Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is a great way to bundle your files and information into a single package which can be digitally transported and easily encrypted for security.

  1. Document Management

Keep better tabs on your digital and paper trails by outsourcing your information management to a company with the capacity to store, manage, and safely deliver documents of a sensitive nature. These companies take great precautions to ensure that every information is laid in the correct hands.

So isn’t it time to take better charge of your company’s sensitive information by outsourcing its management to a firm that deals with IT on a professional level? If so, contact Iron Mountain today for more information.


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