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Records and Information Management Programme Benefits

Forward thinking companies know the value of a RIM Programme

South African businesses face a never-ending stream of challenges, which probably means a records and information management programme is one of many ‘to-dos’. These challenges not only use up valuable resources and time but they can hold your attention so thoroughly that you fail to notice new challenges and even dangerous situations that may be on the horizon.

So in the time it takes you to read this article try to put that board meeting out of your mind. Forget about those annoying problems your employees are expecting you to solve, even though they should be solving them. Finally, stop worrying about how to find competent staff for those new positions that have opened up.

Now try, for a moment, to imagine the following:

  1. The economic situation gets worse and employing new staff becomes a greater risk.
  2. An employee accidentally destroys a valuable contract that is needed to seal a large deal and another contract, which should have been destroyed, ends up in the hands of a disgruntled staff member who takes it directly to your biggest competitor who can now approach your client with a better deal or publicise your lack of client confidentiality.

Now obviously the above thoughts are not particularly pleasant. You may be asking why you have been asked to imagine a bunch of new issues when you already have more than enough.

Well here is the thing…

Taking the time to think about a proper Records and Information Management Programme, and Policy for your organisation and then actually getting it implemented can go a long way to solving many of your other problems.


So how can an RIM programme solve your problems?

Tough economic climates tend to put a damper on business expansion efforts and make one start thinking about cutting costs. The usual cost reduction measures are budget cuts, especially in marketing and staff cuts. While they may seem like appropriate solutions they seldom, in practice, strengthen your position, in fact they often have the opposite effect.

By implementing a well thought out records and information management programme, ideally before economic conditions escalate risk factors in your mind, you will be able to achieve the following:

  1. Increase staff efficiency through improved document management and storage processes. Your staff can now get more of their real work done because they no longer have to spend hours hunting through storage cabinets for documents and records.
  2. The improved efficiency of your staff leads to increased revenue, which adds stability to your company and allows you to not only maintain a strong financial position in tough times but you are now able to proceed with your expansion efforts, which by the way is a good way to restore economic confidence.


Do you remember that employee you imagined destroying a vital contract and the contract that ended up in the hands of your competitor?

Well an effective records and information management programme can also reduce if not eliminate that scenario. Here is how it plays out…

  1. Your records and information management programme included a document imaging solution as well as file tracking and a records retention schedule. This means all your most important documents and records were backed up offsite but were also conveniently accessible to authorised personnel through a browser.

That contract that was destroyed could now be re-printed and so that deal went through as planned and disaster was averted.

  1. Next, that contract that should have been destroyed but ends up in the wrong hands… well your records and information management programme prevents that from ever happening as that contract was noted on your records retention schedule and shredded using a shredding service that provided certification of its destruction.


In addition to solving the above scenarios your records and information management programme has done the following:

  1. You get to reduce the amount of storage space needed for your documents and records as these are now securely stored offsite, though they remain easily retrievable. This gives you additional office space that means you no longer need to move into larger offices to accommodate those new employees you were looking for. It looks like that board meeting will be a good one after all.
  2. Your more efficient employees are now solving their own issues without running to you, as they are finally able to concentrate on their proper tasks.
  3. Lastly, since you have fewer problems on your plate you now have the time to carry out a thorough interview process and hire the right people for the job.

Take the step towards a more secure and profitable business, contact Iron Mountain today, and get your Records and Information management Programme implemented.


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