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Records Destruction Policy – Protecting You & Your Environment

Keeping large volumes of records puts both you and the environment at risk.

A Records Destruction Policy is an excellent way to reduce your exposure to the possibility of a data leak. In fact, having a Records Destruction Policy also helps protect the environment.

Holding on to vast numbers of paper documents has many negative consequences. These include:

  • Uses expensive office space for storage.
  • Offsite storage is also made more costly where your documents do not need to be kept for legal or operational purposes.
  • Paper documents are less efficient to work with and can easily be lost or misfiled.
  • Only one person at a time can make use of a paper document unless you have multiple copies which then take up even more storage space and increase the potential for data leaks.
  • And of course, the more paper you use, the more trees are needed to fulfil the paper demand.

Having a Records Destruction Policy will help you in a number of ways:

  • You can shred all the documents you no longer need to keep for legislative and operational purposes. This will then reduce your in-house and offsite document storage needs.
  • Having a Records Destruction Policy will more than likely mean you will also be running a digital transformation project. By digitising your records and documents you can increase productivity with more efficient workflows. No more lost documents and multiple personnel may now use the same document at the same time if need be but subject to access controls.
  • Digitising your documents means moving closer to a paperless office which is good for the environment.
  • Once your documents are shredded, the paper can be recycled which further reduces the need for cutting down trees.

A Records Destruction Policy Overview

A Records Destruction Policy is aimed at controlling how and when your records are disposed of. However, not all records are created equal. Some records will be highly valuable and must be kept at all costs, while others may have a single limited use and can be disposed of almost right away.

By having a destruction process in place you can ensure you keep those records that must be kept will getting rid of the clutter of useless documents. You will also improve the security of your organisation’s information and thereby protect yourself, your employees, your clients, suppliers and also the environment.

An effective Records Destruction Policy should take into account digital transformation, records storage and secure shredding processes. For more information on these processes please read the following articles:

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