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Records & Information Management Tips for 2016 – Part 1

When last did you review your company’s RIM Programme?


Now that you are well into the new year and back into the swing of things, isn’t it time you looked at your company’s Records & Information Management Programme and Policies? When last did you take the time to review them?

For many companies the answer is probably, “Quite a while ago.”

If your answer is anything like the above then it is time to dive in and find out where your organisation stands.


  1. Assess your Records & Information Management Programme

It is important that your RIM Programme stay up to date with not only the needs of your organisation but with changing technology and legislation.

Taking the time to review your programme is a great way to learn if it is keeping up and find ways to improve it. It should also give you insights into how successful your programme has been since it was put in place or last reviewed.


  1. Review your current Records Management Processes

Familiarising yourself once more with your records and how they are managed, is a good way to find out what needs to be improved upon. Perhaps documents you thought did not constitute records have suddenly become important due to changes in legislation.

For example, when the PoPI act comes into force organisations will have to ensure documents containing personal information are kept according to new regulations.


  1. Determine where your Records are currently being kept

Do you know where all your records both digital and paper are being kept right now? What records are being kept offsite and which ones do you keep onsite? Determining the location, ease of retrieval and security measures once more is a good way to see if they are still up to standard and can be accessed by the right people when needed.


  1. Determine who is responsible for maintaining your RIM Programme

As organisations change, so do does their personnel. Perhaps people that once had access to offsite records are no longer with your organisation, but has their access changed. It is quite possible that someone who is no longer in your employ could still be on an access list with your offsite storage provider. Assessing and keeping your RIM authorised/responsible persons lists up to date is not only important, but also vital to the safe running of your business.


  1. Review changes your organisation has gone through in relation to your RIM Programme

Just as with changes to your personnel, changes to the structure, location etc. of your organisation needs to be reflected in your Records & Information Management Programme. If your organisation now has multiple offices or department structures have changed, you need to make sure that managing your records remains efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Taking the time to update your Programme can save you time and money in the future.


  1. Review Policy Compliance

Understanding how well your Rim Programme has been implemented and adhered to since you last reviewed it can provide important data on how you can further enhance and improve it going forward. If compliance and implementation have not been smooth then it might be time to brush up with some good ol’ fashioned training or to revise your Programme with some more realistic and achievable goals. If you have suddenly realised you have not measured compliance and implementation of your Programme then it is time to work out and include some KPIs in your updated programme.


  1. Review your Service Providers

You might have a fantastic relationship with your current Records Management Company but it is still worth touching base with them for a number of reasons. If they are doing a great job, then why not find out how they are keeping up to date with technology and innovating and ask if they have any suggestions for enhancing your RIM Programme.

If they are not doing such a good job then you should let them know where they are failing and find out how they are going to improve their service.

Also, make sure that your chosen Records Management Company has kept their facilities up to date. The importance of safe, secure and industry compliant facilities cannot be underestimated. A good service provider will be very happy to show off their facilities and expertise.

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