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Records Management for SMEs – 8 Must Read Records Management Articles for SMEs

Get greater insights into Records Management.

We recently wrote a series of articles focusing on Records Management for SMEs. In case you missed any of theme we thought we’d list them here for you with their introductions.


Records Management for SMEs – What is Records Management?

An Introductory Guide for SMEs.

Every business, large or small, corporate or SME creates, collects, manages and eventually disposes of records and a variety of other documents.

Records and documents, whether digital or paper, are part and parcel of doing business and cannot be separated or neglected.


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Records Management for SMEs – Records Management Basics

Records Management can be a Complex Process. Start with the Basics and make it simpler.

Records Management for SMEs should be something that adds value rather than being burdensome. Yes, Records Management is not a quick simple process. However, it is an essential process that is as valuable as you can get the basics in and progress from there.

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Records Management for SMEs – The Cost of Poor Records Management

Records Management mistakes can cost SMEs dearly. Here are a few to avoid.

Proper Records Management for SMEs can be a valuable business investment. However, it can also become a costly mistake when you get it wrong or fail to manage your Records.


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Records Management for SMEs – The Benefits of Records Management

Proper Records Management can be a fantastic investment in your business.

If you have just finished reading our previous article, “Records Management for SMEs – The Cost of Poor Records Management”, you will know that poor Records Management can be very costly. Nonetheless, there are many benefits to Records Management and it is a vital part of running your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of Records Management for SMEs…


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Records Management for SMEs – Solutions for Effective Records Management

Make Records Management Easier with Essential RM Solutions.

Records Management is not something SMEs have to do on their own. Specialist Records Management companies like Iron Mountain exist to make the management of your Records and documents that much easier.

Iron Mountain, offers a wide range of highly customisable Records Management Solutions that are perfect for both SMEs and large Corporates.


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Records Management for SMEs – The Truth about Records Management

Not everything you know about Records Management is the whole truth.

In today’s information age we are surrounded and bombarded with information and data daily. Some information is true some is not, some are valuable and some is not.

Time is money and none of us has time to waste on information that has little or no value. So today we decided to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Records Management for SMEs and shares with you a few insights that will help your Records Management efforts.


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Records Management for SMEs – Disaster Recovery Guide

Disasters come in many shapes and forms, can you handle one if it happens to you?

Running a business can be quite a challenge, particularly if you are an SME trying to juggle a to-do list with a million tasks with a small staff complement and a limited operational budget.

Perhaps Disaster Recovery has taken a back seat and is way down on your to-do list. Possibly Disaster Recovery has not even made it onto your to-do list.

Either way, it is important to add it to your to-do list and move it on up your list with all due haste.


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Records Management for SMEs – What You Need to Know about Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Cybercrime has been around for a long time but in recent years and even more recently, it has become a much greater threat, especially with the alarming increase in Ransomware attacks. So we’ve decided to discuss the topic once more.
Cybercriminals evolve their methods all the time and have become more sophisticated in their operations. A small act of cybercrime on a small company may seem isolated but is often part of a much larger strategy to attack a bigger fish and achieve a larger payday.

As an SME, you are no less at risk than a large corporate and in many ways, small businesses are even more at risk. Taking a few minutes to get familiar with this growing threat is the first step to combating it and securing your business.


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