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Records & Information Management Tips for 2016 – Part 2

How to get your Records Management Programme off to a flying start in the New Year.



Records Management is a broad subject comprised of many different tasks. Thus maintaining your Records Management Programme is not always easy. Yet today it is a necessary part of operating a business.

In, ‘Records & Information Management Tips for 2016 – Part 1’ we looked at seven important RIM Programme to-dos. In this article, we will look at additional areas of records management that you should consider reviewing.


  1. Offsite Document Storage Review

Many of your organisation’s most valuable records will be kept at an offsite storage facility. Carrying out a review of these documents and the processes used to maintain them is a smart thing to do. For more detailed tips read, ‘Offsite Document Storage Tips for 2016’.


  1. Data Storage and Backups Assessment

This past year saw a rise in data breaches and hacking attempts around the world. This trend is likely to continue in 2016. Data backups and offsite data storage therefore are necessary to safeguard your organisation’s intellectual property.

Data backups will mitigate any loss to information that hackers may attempt to damage or destroy. Additionally, data that does not need to be accessed often can be moved offsite. While it will remain accessible, it no longer needs to be stored on-location and access to it can be better controlled.


  1. Document Digitisation

While there are documents and records that must legally be retained in paper format, there are still many documents that can be digitised and stored electronically. Digital documents have many benefits including fast efficient access. Reviewing your current documents and having them digitised is a great way to get ahead in the New Year. As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ thus if you can work more efficiently you should have more time to make more money. For more information why not read, ‘The Paperless Paper Office’.


  1. Legal Compliance

The business environment is highly regulated, and no matter whether one feels this is good or bad one nonetheless has to comply. Therefore, why not take the time now to check your records and documents against your retention schedules and legal compliance documents and start the year off with peace of mind knowing you have everything under control.


  1. Security & Disaster Management

Another way to start 2016 with peace of mind is to assess your disaster preparedness and records management security. Firstly, are your existing security and disaster management protocols up to date with current technology and does your organisation’s personnel know how to implement them? When last was a threat assessment done? Have you reviewed who has access to which documents and records?

Taking the time to answer the above questions as well as others that may arise when reviewing security and disaster management can help you strengthen your position early on and reduce, if not eliminate many risks that could otherwise prove crippling.


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