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How to Save Money on Records Management in 2017 – Part 1

Records Management is vital to businesses both large and small, yet often it is an inefficient and expensive process. Learn how to manage records better.

To save money on Records Management in 2017 is going to be a challenge for many companies. A poor economic outlook and uncertainty on such things as electricity and water supplies is not going to help business confidence.

That said, many people believe that in times of crisis there are great opportunities.

When it comes to Records Management in 2017, the new year definitely brings with it opportunity. What better time to streamline your company’s records and information management processes and reap the rewards of greater efficiency and lower costs.

Right, it’s time to discover how to do this…


Assess your current Records Management Systems

Do you have a systems, processes or a Records Management Programme in place?

If you answered, ‘No’ then your first task is going to be creating one. If you answered, ‘Yes’ then you need to ask yourself, ‘Has it been effective?’.


Either way, it is important for you to assess how you currently manage your records and information and determine if you need to improve your existing methods or create methods to better manage your records.

If you do have a programme then it’s time to familiarise yourself with it again, unless you have been actively assessing it through the previous year.

The best RM Programmes are those that are used and fine-tuned, so if you have been doing this you are probably going to be off to a good start in 2017.

If you need to do some fine tuning or even start from scratch then you are going to need to do a little reading. A good place to start is on our blog.

Here is a list of some of our articles that deal with Records Management Programmes:


You can also get in touch with us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Now the above step may not exactly save you money, but it is a step on the road to doing so and each step builds upon the previous ones.


Get to know the current Legislation that Applies to your Records

An extremely important aspect of Records Management is maintaining compliance with the laws and legislation that govern your records.

There are certain pieces of legislation that apply universally regardless of your industry and then there are also those pieces of legislation that applies to specific industries.

Once known, compliance with legislation must be covered in your Records Management Programme. Failure to do this puts your company at risk both financially and reputationally.

Sometimes saving money means avoiding unnecessary expenditure in the first place. Thus taking the time to know the law can save you money.

In order to find out what legislation applies to your company, you should speak to your Records Management Partner, your Attorneys and your Financial service providers.

A great deal of information can also be found on the Internet if you take the time to look, however, it is best to get this information verified by one or more of the above professionals to make sure it is correct.


Continue with ‘How to Save Money on Records Management in 2017 – Part 2’…


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