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How to Save Money on Records Management in 2017 – Part 4

Choosing the right Records Management Partner can go a long way to saving you money.

Records Management is no simple task. Challenging for companies large and small and increasingly more complex in today’s digital age.

As the Internet of Things, Digital Disruption and many other catch phrases associated with our times are thrown around it’s no wonder it is increasingly difficult to make sense of the information age.

One of the hallmarks of this age is the rapid pace of innovation and the sheer degree of change that is taking place. With the constant move to be more digital, more disruptive, more innovative, etc. most companies are left to face More challenges.


Handling Change by using the Right Records Management Partner

When it comes to Records Management, or more broadly speaking, Records & Information Management, it is important to have an experienced guide who can help you not only understand the challenges involved in managing records but also the solutions to these challenges.


Experience in Records Management

The first thing to look for in a partner when you want to save money on Records Management is the experience they offer. The right partner with the right experience will be better able to assist you in choosing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Sometimes a ‘cheap’ solution is not actually the most cost-effective. Likewise, the most expensive solution is not necessarily the most effective solution.

An inexperienced partner can often cost you money through mistakes and poor advice. So if you want to save money, look for experience and a proven track record.


World-Class Storage Facilities

Just as important as experience is the use of top-notch facilities. No doubt you are thinking that this means high prices?

While it is true that high prices are often a sign of superior quality and service, sometimes quality does not come with as high a price as you think.

However, poor quality always comes at a high price. Poor quality means poor performance and regular replacement. When it comes to offsite document and data storage facilities, the last thing you want is poor performance and regular replacement.

Proper offsite storage facilities should have great security, they should be able to reduce the likelihood of disasters, if not prevent them from happening altogether, and they should be purpose built for the task at hand.


Partnering with Iron Mountain & Iron Mountain

In 2016 Iron Mountain Incorporated, the world’s leading Records & Information Management specialist, bought a 75% stake in South Africa’s largest privately owned Records Management Specialist, Iron Mountain.

Together Iron Mountain and Iron Mountain take experience and world-class storage facilities to new heights. Dedicated to storing, protecting and managing your assets and information according to the highest standards, it makes sense to trust us with your most valuable information assets.

To find out more about our tailor-made RIM solutions get in touch with us today.


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